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Can a homeowner be held responsible for DUI?

Asked by JMCSD (243points) February 6th, 2010 from iPhone

This is a hypothetical question. Let’s pretend the person in this story is 21. If someone goes to a friends home, has some drinks, then leaves and gets pulled over can the homeowner be held responsible for his friends drunk driving?

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If the driver was “just” pulled over and charged with DUI, then there’s not much to hold the homeowner accountable for, is there? After all, it’s just a traffic stop and a penalty for the driver.

However, in the perverted way that the American legal system works, if the driver had been involved in an accident and had hurt or killed someone, then the plaintiff’s attorney would have investigated the homeowner’s net worth and would have included him in the suit for damages as “one of the people responsible”. That is, one of the people who should pay his client for damages… and the attorney for bringing the suit.

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My attorney would have a feild day with that. I might even let them take me to jail just so i can sew later.

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Social Host Liability is the legal term for the criminal and civil responsibility of a person who furnishes liquor to a guest. Some states are using this concept as a way to fight underage drinking.

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@life_after_2012 : Just make sure that your attorney doesn’t have a field day with your sewing skills.

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@gailcalled why would he even care about my sewing skills?

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@life_after_2012: Your words:

I might even let them take me to jail just so i can sew later.

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The local police and DA have been trying this sort of thing on occasion, holding the homeowner/bar responsible for the DUI or accident, so far I think its only happened 2 times and there were fatalities involved.

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Yes, I have read of the courts charging the homeowner for service alcohol to a drunk person, and being held responsible for the damage. It varies in different states, so you need to check your state law.

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@gailcalled yea, i know those are my words. my qeustion to you is
My words: why would he even care about my sewing skills?

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@life_after_2012: You’re forcing my hand, remember. You should have written ” I can sue later.”

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Thanks everyone. And @gailcalled, you took the words right out of my mouth. It’s hard to take a response like that seriously.

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As my kids used to say when they were very young, in answer to that question, “Sew buttons.”

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Omg!!! im so ready to delete my account. None of you have odviously ever had to dish out thousands of dollors to attorneys and i geuss i envy your for it, so i apologize for being confrontational and i will use better grammar next time. take care

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@life_after_2012 I hate to be such a noodge about this, but that’s “oddviously”.

Yez grammah wuz oakey; et’s yer vocalabuary vacabulory spellin’ we’s raggin’ you ‘bout.

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Maybe she’s the reincarnation of Janet from the frizzer

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So, technically yes. If your state has social host liability laws -this law article goes into specifics-and the person that drinks at your house goes out and injures or kills another person, you can legally be held partially liable for the drunk attendee’s actions. It’s a little bit crazy, but true. In many states you have to be extremely careful of responsibility on every end.

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