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Are there any stats available for Fluther?

Asked by Sandydog (1263points) February 6th, 2010 from iPhone

Im thinking about how many Flutherites there are, where they reside, how many are active, how many questions asked that day/week/month/year?
The general demographic?

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This is the usual answer for this question. :) Hope it helps.

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You can also gather some interesting information by looking at how many jellies have gotten each of the awards.

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I would love to know how this info is gathered. I trust the traffic stuff, just not the demographic info.

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I would have to very much agree with you there John – or fluther is dominated by poor middle aged Americans, with more than average amounts of black people!! How they manage to get to that beats me !! It would be interesting to see some stats on the Fluther site itself though – other sites I visit tell you whos online etc

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Hah! @laureth beat me to that answer…

Here’s a new nugget for you: in the last month, we’ve had visitors from 210 countries.

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Tim.. Wanna make a poll to gather info? Like age, income, education.

I wouldn’t mind filling it out if it was anonymous. I would be interested in the data. </stat nerd>

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I don’t think there can be anything to the demographic information if we have never answered any sort of questionnaire and never supplied data on our income, race, family size, etc., other than (perhaps) piecemeal and informally in posts. We never had to reveal any of those things when we signed on. I don’t see how this can be anything but bogus.

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Ooh tim… I want to fill pot JP’s poll. make something up for us. You’re not busy, right?

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@breedmitch, @janbb is on that—not me… (crap wrong thread, can’t delete, here’s the reference)

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They explain a little about their methodology here.

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