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When is the optimal time to ask a question?

Asked by arnbev959 (10893points) June 7th, 2008

According to the map , it seems like a majority of flutherites are located in the Eastern and Central time zones. From experience, it seems to me that the collective is most active around midnight Eastern time. I’m just wondering when the best time to ask a question would be, so that the most people would be exposed to it before it gets lost.

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I’m usually on around 4 pm and then check back around 11-midnight PST.

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It doesn’t really move that fast. It only takes a few minutes to look at all the questions posted in the last 24 hours. Not read them but read the title. I think a good title will do more than posting during a certain time period.

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Part of the fun for me is going back and forth and seeing fresh responses to a question I’m interested in. I’m often on around midnight or 1 am PST, which is kind of a slow time. So it’s not ideal for a lot of interaction. Good question Pete.

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thanks for making use of the map!

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If my memory serves me right, according to either ben or andrew, monday nights are when this site gets the most hits.

That being said, im on here pretty much 24/7 so if you ask a question its pretty likely i will see it. ^_^

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This Monday night is pretty slow.

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Yes, yes it is, but like i said, here i am lol.

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I think the best time to ask a question is when the chemistry between you and your company is vivid. Being able to transition from topic to topic is the main focus of asking a question, so when the chemistry is hot. Ask ahead!

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