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Why are the front parts of trouser-legs narrower than the back parts?

Asked by wildflower (11147points) February 7th, 2010 from iPhone

It occured to me while ironing (a semi-rare event), who and why, decided to make the back parts of trouser-legs wider than the front?

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So that the tops of the back part can accommodate our asses?

(Great to see you, @wildflower)!

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@janbb, I think you’re correct. For most people, the muscle mass of their thigh is at the back of their leg, and not the front.

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The back part of out legs (calves) is bigger!

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Cause you got dat junk in da trunk, homie.

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To cut down on wind resistance.

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hmm….I can follow the logic of accommodating bums, thighs and calves – but that raises the question of why the cut-off for front/back is further to the front, leaving more mass in the back…
....this is why I shouldn’t iron!

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