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Shoplifting your Superbowl Party...

Asked by BluRhino (1401points) February 7th, 2010

Recently, our store was visited by a person who attempted to shoplift his Superbowl party; 4 cases of beer, ribs, and other snacks, over $100 worth. Apparently he was thinking, “Football, free beer and food, what could be better?”(He aborted his mission; since our store does not prosecute shoplifters, I cant imagine why)
Would you do this? Why? For the thrill? Why not at a store that prosecutes, for a better rush? Is this guy just a wuss?

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He should have held it at a foreclosed mansion ;)cheapskate

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Why do some people get a thrill of driving a vehicle over a million barrels? who knows! i will say this…..the word on the street is probably that your store does not prosecute shoplifters and thats just an open door to thieves. why not prosecute? does your store even have a security guard or security cameras? i would never work in convenience store. its too dangerous. hi, lucy. john

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I thought that’s why people “hosted” potlucks… throw a party, have your friends bring all the liquor and food.

Seriously, Super Bowl (and other sporting events) are no-brainers for potlucks. People come over to watch television together. When I was still entertaining, I would rather die than ask my guests to bring food to a party I was hosting, except for sports events.

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I’ve done it but not for any party it was to survive. they don’t prosecute they just tell you to leave. He was stupid.

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@John-Hi there :)

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WHo knows why people do what they do. =\ He will someday be spending his super bowl parties from the comfort of a jail cell eating balonea sandwiches and juice. Hows that for tailgating! lol. It reminds me of the O.J Simpson syndrome. You can’t think more then 5 minutes in front of your face and you rely on instinct like something from the jungle and don’t have any thought about potential repercussions from your actions.

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@BluRhino, is it possible that he intended to pay for the purchases, then realized he forgot his wallet, didn’t want to waste the trip so gave serious thought to just taking it, and perhaps settling later, but then thought the better of it?

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@PandoraBoxx Sadly that was not the case, he was observed pushing the cart from one end to the other for a long time looking for an ‘opening’ to the door. He knew we were onto him, (although we could not have actually stopped him) so he gave up.

How would you feel if you went to a party, and the host bragged about stealing all the goods?

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@BluRhino, I don’t know people who do things like that, but I would have to leave the party, and would tell the store.

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