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Any one here a wiz with taxes!

Asked by JMCSD (243points) February 7th, 2010

Just want a ball park figure (please don’t think I’m needing this done by anyone, it’s just this doesn’t sound right.)

20 year old adult
claimed 0 on w4
Box 1 on W2: 29,894
Box 2 on W2: 3308
Box 3 is same as 1
Box 4 on W2: 1853
Box 6: 433

Nothing special here, i own one thing (my car) and don’t go to school or anything. Ball park figure for my return? I’m showing just under 650…. does this seem right?

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H&R Block says about $400 more, but it just asks a few quick questions.

Is this just federal taxes?

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Yeah just federal. Haven’t done state yet.

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Turbo tax dot com.

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Run a estimated on the IRS site. There are forms to fill in.

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