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How many gigabites does myspace take up on a cellphone?

Asked by melz500 (4points) February 7th, 2010

I have a cellphone, and I bought 1mg worth of internet. and I want to know when is it going to expire?

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One gig of Internet traffic is quite good for normal mobile surfing. You should be able to read emails, check myspace and other sites for at least a month or so. I’d say.

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You bought one milligram of internet ??? Dude it’s the wrong measurement !!

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lollllllllllllll depends on how much stuff you look at – if youre looking at a ton of pictures and whatnot it will use more bandwith, if youre just viewing text and whatnot it wont take as much, music takes a lot, video takes a lot. if youre doing video like youtube or myspace video it will run out very fast..

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@melz500 Please clarify. You bought 1 mg of internet? YOu mean 1 megabyte or 1 gigabyte? I have never known data to expire.

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