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Is Billy Bob Neck for real?

Asked by Zuma (5908points) February 7th, 2010

From his website:

“William Robert Neck was born in the house his father built on Jekyll Island, GA and has followed the Lord ever since. Every night he puts his slippers under the bed so that he gets down on his knees every morning to thank God for the the good things in life and humbly ask Him to wipe liberals off the face of the earth.”

Here is his Facebook page.
And his YouTube page.

Also, check out his friend Shelley:

“Liberals are crying into their granola, even though the facts are that healthy corporations mean a healthy American democracy. One left-wing lawmaker even went so far as to whine “it was the worst Supreme Court decision since the Dred Scott case justifying slavery.” What an idiot: slavery was no-questions-asked bang-on the smartest idea America ever had.”

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Whether he is or not, there are real people in this country who are far worse than that.

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Another great example of Poe’s Law : Without an wink or smily face, its impossible to make a parody of conservatism without someone mistaking it for the real thing.

The converse is also true: sometimes real conservatives just come off as liberal jokesters.

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If he likes slavery so much, why doesn’t he volunteer for it?

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It somehow seems too exaggerated to be real, almost like a parody of ultra-right wingers.

At least that’s what I’m hoping. He’d be very scary if he was for real.

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I’m as real as Jesus is, son.

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Someone is always in control of the puppets so yes, he is real.

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Y’all call into my radio show ( tomorrow 2/8 @ 11amEST and tell me I ain’t real!

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Oh, crap…Really?

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Every Monday, son

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@billybobneck are you really him? that’s so ridiculous.

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It’s hard to believe this guy is for real. Sadly, this guy is: Fred Phelps

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Of course I’m me, pumpkin.

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What a coincidence that you joined Fluther just as there was a question about you!

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@liminal No, Fred Phelps is, apparently, someone else. I’m not the only one who at first thought that this was a Colbert-style parody site. But the sheer length and depths of it—to say nothing of the inter-locking network of similar sites that refer back to him—seem to confirm that he is as serious as a heart attack and exactly as he presents himself to be.

@billybobneck Just one question, “What kind of discipline were you subject to as a child?”

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@billybobneck you don’t want to call me pumpkin. trust me.

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Oh Crap! Did I buy this one hook, line and sinker!

The man’s a professional comedian, and this here clinches it.

Here is another site that lists him and links to several more pasquinading in the same vein.

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It sounded way too exaggerated to be true! Thank goodness this time, but I have no doubt that there are really wingnuts who think similarly…

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Kudos to @aphilotus and his link to Poe’s Law's_Law, which is absolutely fascinating. Indeed, how do you distinguish between parody and genuine wing-nuttery?

The Poe’s Law site gives a quiz of seven sites, some of which are parodies and some of which are not. Can you tell the difference? (Apparently it is more difficult to tell if you are in the grip of an extreme fundamentalist belief yourself.)

Landover Baptist Church
4 Step Proof for God of the Bible
OBJECTIVE: Ministries
Rapture Ready
Time Cube
Chick Tract – The Last Generation
True Christian Church of Christ

For the answers go here and enter:

Encgher Ernql, gur sbhe fgrc cebbs, gur Ynfg Trarengvba genpg, naq Gvzr Phor ner frevbhf, gubhtu gur ynfg vf fb ovmneer gung bar jbhyq guvax vg vf n cnebql bs fbzr vaqvfpreavoyr oryvrs. Gur erfg ner cnebqvrf

One site that really had me howling (in a good way) was Mrs. Betty Bowers. Enjoy.

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@Zuma I wasn’t clear. I am saying billybobneck is not real and that, sadly, fred phillips is real.

I like the Poe link.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I am making a note for my own future reference: “Never, ever, call Simone_De_Beauvoir ‘pumpkin’.”

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Cat on keyboard?

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@judochop No, it’s encrypted text. You have to go to the website cited immediately above it, plug it in, and it will decode the answers to the “quiz” above.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir – i ain’t gonna call ya pumpkin no more, puppy lips.

And to the rest of ya – like I said – I’m as real as Jesus!

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