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How do I get shedded feather specks off an acrylic blanket?

Asked by acc639 (40points) February 7th, 2010

I washed and dried a navy blue acrylic blanket together with an old comforter. The comforter shed its feathers all over the acrylic blanket. I have tried washing and drying the blanket and cannot get hundreds of specks from the feathers out. Advice, please?

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Have you tried adding fabric softener or some of those anti-static sheets in the dryer.

Acrylic holds onto stuff like crazy due to static attraction, especially more so in wintertime.

Both the water softening agent added to the rinse water and the dryer sheets cut down dramatically on static cling.

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You could try vacuuming, it too. I think you’d need a few people to hold the blanket taut for you, so you don’t suck it up into the vacuum.

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Have you tried a lint roller? I wonder if a disposable razor would work? I’ve used that on a sweater that was pilling.

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