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Has KFC been taken over by Bangladeshi's?

Asked by Sandydog (1263points) February 8th, 2010 from iPhone

We like KFC,but we were wondering if its been taken over as a franchise by Bangladeshis?
The reason I’m asking is that weve visited KFC at quite a few locations throughout the country and its nearly always 100 0/0 bangladeshi staff that serve you. Only once in the last few years have we ever seen a white face behind the counter at any KFC.
Last year the British Border control people arrested 4 workers at the Weymouth branch when they were found out to be illegal immigrants.
I dont understand why theyre allowed to employ only Bangladeshi’s. Please dont reply saying this is racist as my question has nothing to do with race. The whole thing just seems very strange to me.
Maybe this applies only to Britain?

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Grilled or baked?

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Does it matter who serves you you’re gross food?

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Original or Crispy?

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1) Your question has, in fact, everything to do with race.

2) The president is Roger Eaton, a white South Africa-native Australian.

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How do you know they’re Bangladeshi?

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Paybacks are a bitch!
You took over our countires in the name of colonialism, we’ll take over your 7Elevens, KFC’s, Laundry/Drycleaning businesses, YellowCabs, oh… and all Motels! AND we’ll put “American Owned” on them just to make you come in and piss you off. :)

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Ridiculous question.

You’ll never catch me in that joint. I saw a video on how the chickens are dealt with.. the ones that are used at KFC restaurants. I couldn’t and won’t eat anything from there ever again.

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A good question. Extra Crispy is the Afghanis I believe.
just kidding don’t get all PC on me people

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We refuse to use our most local KFC because of the disgusting practices we and others have witnessed by the servers. This includes coming in from a smoke break and then picking up chicken pieces without washing hands. When my wife pointed this out he just laughed. A friend and 3 other customers walked out when a piece of chicken was dropped on the floor, and it was just picked up and put in someones carton for serving – they didnt accept it and walked out. If these people are recent immigrants who have no
idea about basic cleanliness then its a great concern.

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I know theyre Bangladeshi because I asked them !!
The illegals were also from there.

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KFC is one of the few fast food chains that uses halal meat (the islamic equivalent of kosher). Several UK KFCs have been serving halal chicken for almost a year. Could be that this is one of the few fast food places a Muslim worker who adheres to these dietary rules could actually work and eat.

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I ate at a diner run by people who were not immigrants, recent or otherwise where the woman cooking and serving my food smoked a cigarette, changed a lightbulb, then went back to cooking my food and served it to me without washing her hands. It’s nothing to do with nationality.

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“serving my food smoked a cigarette, changed a light bulb, then went back to cooking my food”

Sounds more like dinner theater.

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@ChazMaz That’s why I love diners.

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Wonder what would happen in Bangladesh with a restaurant where only white workers were employed? Or if a company employed only people with the name of Smith?

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Are you saying they drop the K?

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Wow. I try to stay away from fast food even though I love Taco Bell. I’m a peasant, I know it. My son stays more abreast of the corporations and who practices what. I’ve never liked KFC so leaving it alone is not a problem for me, while he loves it but won’t touch it anymore. I’m so proud of him.
@Snarp reminded me why I stay away. Coming through late night, female manager, young male fry cook. My fries sitting in the rack, bag with burger in her hand, with the other hand she touched the young guy all down his un-opened-shirt front to the top of his pants. Then placed the palm of the same hand on top of my fries to pick them up. All within my easy view. I shudder to think…. I just drove off. Keep the fries honey.

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Harp may have the answer. An immigrant with enough money to open a franchise may see it as a good way to make money without dealing with discrimination from employers. A KFC franchise may be relatively cheap to start and if they are Muslim then Halal meat may be an incentive. Once they have bought a franchise they simply employ their family and friends rather than hiring people they don’t know. I don’t think KFC is making this decision at a corporate level, it’s just people finding a particular niche in which to open a business that has a particular attraction to them that other businesses don’t (halal meat).

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@SeventhSense -I beliebe I was extra crispy after that Superbowl party yesterday :)

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Who cares, don’t eat there anyway. Chickens they purchase are from “unfriendly” slaughter sources. I won’t even comment on what the workers in these places have been caught doing – let along what the chickens go through as it is.

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I’m sorry.
no, you’re right, this has nothing to do with race or xenophobia.
you sound pretty scared of these big scary Bangladeshis – was this, do you think, a hostile takeover? or do you think they are splitting the profits with “The Illegals” (now that would be a good band name).

There is a large percentage of Bangladeshis (I like the term Bengalis, actually) living in the U.K. They are also poorer than white people – service industry jobs (like working in KFC) coupled with recent immigration trends is what accounts for this ‘phenomenon’ you’re seeing. Also, here

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Theyre actually on the whole quite small !!

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@Sandydog that’s just what them crazy minorities want you to think

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i used to work for a world wide radio communications company (that shall remain nameless for this post) and my coworker went to make repairs to the menu board. he said while inside the restaurant, there was construction going on, and some of the ceiling fell into the batter, and they just stirred it in like it never happened. i will go to KFC about once a year, if that often, only if i am desperate.

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