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Do you ever get a craving for something sweet to eat (drink), no matter how full you may be?

Asked by Jude (32198points) February 8th, 2010

Maybe, you just finished a good sized meal and you’re most definitely full, but, you have this craving – you need a little something sweet to eat. It could a piece of chocolate, some berries even, or in my case just now, a spoonful of Nutella. =) I find that I’m not satisfied until I have a little sweet something.

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Definitely – and I fantasize about having a second tummy where the entire pint of ice cream will go to rest. and a spoonful of Nutella? screw that, I just use my fingers and I have a bit of a sweet spot for you too

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Yeah what’s up with that? I don’t like cakes and stuff, but I always want some licorice or something after eating.

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I’m not a huge dessert person (neither huge or needing huge desserts.) However, I do often want the taste of something sweet after supper. I usually keep lifesavers or Dove chocolate Promises in the house and have one or two after supper.

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I eat fruit when I feel that way. It is sweet and healthy.

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@philosopher Fruit is lovely in its place but it doesn’t do it for me when I want sweet.

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Unfortunately on a daily basis.

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After a large meal I can always consume a glass of Port Wine. Quite the stomach settler. Ummm…Spumoni is also a favorite when the belt is tight after a meal.

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I am very health conscious. Sometimes I cut up apples and sauté them with walnuts and wrap them in philo dough. You can add agave or a little preserves. I bake them for a few minutes. You can put Ice Cream or Sorbet on top.

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@philosopher Now you’re talking!

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That is actually healthy. In moderation.

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Yes I crave chocolate even after I have large meal. YUM!!

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To me. sweetness is something that can be tasted upon the lips many hours after the consumption… all about the perspective.

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If I were allowed to have that extra stomach, then there’d be room for me to eat a pint of cheesecake ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery. Every. Day. Oooh, smothered in caramel.

My tastes are simple.

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Yes I absolutely do! It happened tonight as a matter of fact. I try really hard to stop myself because if I gave in every time I would weigh approximately 400 pounds.

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Always. Why do you think I bake cupcakes every other night? lol

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All the time. I ate soup for dinner then immediately ate a mini pack of Nerds. I’ll think I’ll eat another one.

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I can’t eat sweet stuff after a good meal…good food needs time to be savored in my belly before the onslaught of sugar. Better yet, I’d rather have dessert first then enjoy a great meal!

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More often I crave protein – a piece of cheese or an egg. Better yet, a cheesy egg. Mmm…

I only crave something sweet maybe twice a month, and when I do I go all out and bake cookies or a coffee cake or brownies… Of course then I usually overdo the sweet thing since I have a whole batch of sugary baked good in the house, so maybe that’s why it’s so occasional?

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Man, I could go for some hot fudge right now. Warm, thick and delicious hot fudge (and lots of it) on vanilla ice cream.


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Hi, yeah. In my past life I was a beached whale, I had to be.

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Dark chocolate in moderation is an antioxidant. Costco has dark chocolate balls filled with pomegranate. They are delicious .
Costco also sells agave a healthier alternative to sugar.

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Not when nausea is on the horizon…

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Yes, but we should try drinking a glass of water first. Often our sweet tooth is brought on by thirst.

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