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How do I get rid of pop ups?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3158points) February 9th, 2010

Just recently, I’ve been getting a lot of pop ups when I leave the computer. When I’m back, there will be at least 3 of them. What should I do? I’ve scanned my computer a few times already with my AVG Anti-Virus free version.

(I have a few theories of why I am getting them. I went to multiple different sites to search up song lyrics, multiple different sites to download mv’s and music, and also downloaded a ipod converter as well. )

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Try using another antivirus software program like Avast. Last time that happened to me, I ended up having to wipe my whole hard drive.

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You may very well have adware on your computer. Use a program like Spybot to scan for it and remove it.
I don’t know what web browser you use (If you don’t know either, it’s probably Internet Explorer), but you may want to try upgrading to Firefox or Chrome. They’re both loads better than Internet Explorer, and have good built-in popup blockers as well.

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@Sarcasm, I use Firefox. o_O.. how would I not know what browser I use?! lol.. but thanks

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@curiouscat You’d be surprised. I’ve mentioned upgrading web browsers and people ask me what a browser is, or tell me that their web browser is Cox.

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@Sarcasm, the spybot link will not open! I googled it up and tried to get to it from there, but they also redirect me to other pages. I clicked on the spybot thing, and I got a “Progression Dance Centre” page coming up. =(

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Hmm…maybe you could do an F Secure virus scan. You need to go into safe mode, then get online and type in F secure virus scan on Google and launch it. (Requires some downloading, nothing major.) It can take from twenty minutes to several hours, depending on how much stuff is on your computer.

It does a bit of a more thorough job than most common virus scanners, but I really have no idea if it will fix the problem or not. Something to try though.

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It sounds like you got a nasty. They will typically block it so you can’t get to the sites that have the tools to get rid of them. I mirrored Spybot here:

I just downloaded it, Zipped it, and uploaded it. It will do no harm. My site shouldn’t be blocked.

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@johnpowell, thank you for the mirror :P

well, now I’m at a window that says “File Download- Setup is now downloading additional setups to your computer. ” But then when I click ‘install’ a little window pops up saying “Error sending request The connection with the server was reset” =(

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Oh shit. I was kinda worried about that. It seems to have completely hosed your ability to contact the servers that spybot uses.

Try this. It is Malwarebytes. It is a good program.

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@johnpowell, wow, getting a little nervous here, especially after reading “Oh shit.” lol.

Ok, so i clicked on it, and it installed, I think, but then a window popped up saying “An error occurred. Please report the following error code to the Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware support team. Error code: 732 (12031,0)”

But then what confused me even more, was that a “Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware” window popped up and so I started a full scan on my computer. Right now it’s still scanning, I stopped my other scan, and closed everything else I was doing except for this page. I really hope this scan works. It says there is one object infected so far. :S

Thanks again though. I really appreciate it. I’m too afraid to bother my elder sister with this stuff. She’s studying for mid terms at the moment, and also afraid I’ll get in trouble.

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you have been given some good advise….since we are talking about computers, pop-ups, etc…every morning, my p/c starts off great, and then, and then, for about 10 or 15 minutes, it freezes up….then, it is okay. Any advise?

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My advice is this. Be glad that your computer starts. It might not in the morning. Use this opportunity to get a external hard drive and back-up everything that you would hate to lose. You can get one for a hundred bucks. How much is your data worth?

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@johnpowell loll…about .50c!

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Well, I’m a nuisance… if anybody’s still following or has any input:

My computer seemed to be working well. It scanned for about an hour and a half last night and then had 8 infections. I scanned again today with the malawarebytes and it had another infection. I felt as if everything was cleaned off.

Just now, I googled in “cinemaclock” to check out the movie times and then when I clicked on the site, it redirected me to an ab workout site and when I clicked “back” it wouldn’t go back… I’m not exactly sure what this means… Something’s still wrong I’m guessing. I’ll try scanning again.
Will this lead to bigger problems or am I fine? I find that when I leave my computer and come back, there are no pop up ads at least…

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@curiouscat wish i could help, but computer have a mind of their own. My mind and their mind, do not think a like.

when my computer does that, i restore the computer to the prior day when it was working okay.

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