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A question about car windo tinting (details inside):?

Asked by TheLoneMonk (2892points) February 10th, 2010

As I mentioned in an answer to a previous question I was pulled over by an Iowa State Trooper because he felt my front passenger and driver windows were too dark. He did some sort of meter test and determined that, in fact, they were too dark by Iowa State Law. However, I live in Wisconsin my car is licensed in Wisconsin and I bought the car from a dealer in Wisconsin. It also appears that my tint level is acceptable in Wisconsin. My question is ”Does anyone have any experience with window tinting laws and how they are applied to travelers from other states?

The ticket I got was for $80 and was not considered a moving violation. I have no idea what it will cost to remove and replace the tint or whehter I should remove and not replace because I will never be sure if it conforms to all the state laws. I travel over 5,000 miles per month in my car and cover 8 states but may cross into as many as 15 states. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated and practical knowledge would be great.

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I’m pretty sure that the laws of any given state apply to any motor vehicle driven within that state. In Florida your windows would likely have been illegal, and with good reason. Dark tinted windows prevent police from seeing if you are armed, they prevent other drivers and pedestrians from seeing you and knowing whether or not you are aware of them, and they likely obscure your vision, at least a little.

It seems to me though that with the mobility of Americans and the amount of interstate traffic, automobile regulations need to come under a federal standard.

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As far as I’m aware it’s the owner / driver of the vehicles responsibility to ensure their vehicle conforms to the laws of the state in which it’s being driven. If you drive it through 15 different states, then I’d recommend just removing the tint & getting some sunglasses.

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@TheLoneMonk , Contact the AAA for regulations for each state ( may need to be member ). Several states will stop and fine you for having side glass for front windows below a minimum. Windows are checked using a light meter and calibrated light source, also some states will not allow gold, silver or any other reflective tint on windows.

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