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Most embarrasing thing?

Asked by kawaii_ninja (402points) March 3rd, 2008

Personally i have gone to the loo in a restraunt, forgot to lock the door and someone (not a man, silly) walked right in with a 2 year old boy. Very, very embarrasing.

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farting loudly in a one minuite silence at a football ground, then everyone laughing at me

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my dad and I were at the Seattle airprt waiting for our flight back to California. I had my iPod on and the headphones nestled in my ears. This handsome chap walks by and, because of the headphones, I blurt out “wow he is so hot.” my dad shot a look at me while “Hey Jude” beat my ear drums. I accidentally came out of the closet.

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I was in gym class doing jumping jacks and did 5 consecutive farts on each jumping jack…. My friends still remember this 12 years after the fact.

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I slipped on an actual banana peel in a lunchroom before. It wasn’t as bad as geting nailed in the grapes during a dodgeball game, because who hasn’t been hit there playing dodgeball?

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ok… here’s another one:

i made 100 paper cranes and put them in this girl’s desk at school as an act of my affection…. an hour later i was told by someone that she was actually dating my friend…. everyone in the school knew i did it, but i had to play it off like we were just friends…

then i got the flu and didn’t eat for 3 days.

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to woodlandanimals:

I laughed my ass off at your comment because of capping it with the Flu. Sorry I shouldn’t laugh but it was well crafted.

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Awwwww! So cute ^^ But yes that must have been embarrasing, i did something similar this years valentines day:

I sent the boy i liked a valentines card, but found out after i had sent it that he had ‘discovered’ i liked him a few days earlier. It was soooooooo obvous i had sent it ! I almost cried :[

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valentines days are almost always rotting with embarrassing stories.

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Was he still touched by the card?

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I dunno, he was really moody for the rest of the day, and now its really awkward to speak to him. I dunno if he’s my friend anymore :(

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awwwww. I’m sorry. Guys are a lot more tempermental than their facades let on.

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I guess so =[ Just a fact of life i guess ^^

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Freshman year of high school I tripped up the stairs into the girl I liked that the time. At the same moment, a large group of seniors who were standing by started to laugh at me.

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It was during my high school years. My school was so cheap that we used deflated balls as frisbie. My partner threw it towards me and I ended up tripping on it and breaking my arm. The next day everyone heard what happen :-(

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I got in line with my fellow soldiers to fire my weapon, and I didn’t notice I didn’t have my armor/IBA on.

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I walked off stage during closing night of a high school drama club production, and began to change, complete forgetting that I had to be back on in about four minutes. When i heard my cue line, i rushed onto stage to deliver my scene, pants halfway off, no hat or jacket, and my shirt untucked as sticking out at all angles. It was a could thing my character was comic relief, because they were going to laugh at me anyway…

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Umm ok i have another one:

Two of my worst qualities are the fact that i’m forgetful and that i take aaaaaaaaages to decide things. One day i went on a trip with my best friend. We went to this marine centre/water park, and we went in the water park first. I got soaked (naturally) and then i realised i had forgot to bring a towel. >.< I was sooooo embarrased!!

THEN, to top it off, we went into the shop of the aquarium when we had changed, and i had some money to spend, and i took years to decide what i wanted to buy, and my friends dad went and sat in the cafe with her whilst they waited, and my friends mum was like ‘OMFG WHAT R U GONNA BUY?!?!? JUST PICK ALREDY?!!?’ – she didnt actually say this but i could tell from the look in her eyes…..evil…..

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