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What Monitor Calibration Solution do you recommend?

Asked by windex (2932points) February 10th, 2010

I have a cintique and a Viewsonic. I’m producing animations and want to make sure the colors are okay. (99% of the work will be for web viewing, maybe 1% print work)

Do I get a Spyder? (if so which one, so many freakin versions…) what solutions do you guys recommend?
I just don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on special monitors.
Also, the audience is going to be regular consumers mostly, so chances are their monitors are not going to be calibrated at all.
I just want it to come out ok from my end. (that’s wut she said?)

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Get a spyder—the cheapest will do fine for what you’re doing.

Anyone who doesn’t have a calibrated monitor won’t care that your colors are off, anyone who does, will be happy with it.

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