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How does one promote answering on an older question?

Asked by Drgrafenbergmd (387points) February 10th, 2010

How does one re-ignite steam into their or other old Fluther question, when they haven’t received the amount or type of answers they needed?

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If it was over a month old I would just ask it again. But if you didn’t get a good answer you probably won’t a second time. I don’t really ask computer questions here because I can go to a specialized forum and get faster and better advice. Same for cooking, sex, and so on.

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Supposedly the “active” button is for that, but I agree with @johnpowell – ask again.

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You could just post a new comment on your old thread; then it will show up as “Activity for You” in everyone’s account who has posted already. Trouble with that is, if you didn’t like their answers the first time, you might not get any better info when they see it again.

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The history can help to those who like to have a focus what actualy is going on.

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