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Fluther newcomers: have you been bitten by the lurve bug?

Asked by marinelife (62430points) March 24th, 2009

It took me a while to remember when I first came to thank people for good answers to my questions with lurve.

Flutherers have also commented that it is harder to remember to reward a Great Question with lurve, even though many of us think Great Questions are rarer than Great Answers.

Are you receiving lurve? I have made a point to lurve our new members when I see a good contribution to enforce the welcome.

Let me hear from you on this Fluther phenomenon.

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Yeah, I needed to get some ointment to deal with the bites and stop the itching.

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Did you have some kind of reward system at

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@Harp used a points system that rewarded users for general activity. The more you used the more points you got, regardless of whether or not your content was thought to be any good. Questions could be flagged as “wise” or “unwise.” This affected their popularity, meaning that flagging a question as “wise” would make it appear towards the top of the list, allowing it to be seen by more people and thus giving the question-asker more points.

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Well….initially, I think wis.dmrs won’t put too much emphasis on it. The reason is that on we had this points system, and some people just freaked out over getting points! The word “point whore” was used a lot in the past. They’d just post stupid q after q just to get points. That was frowned on by most wis.dmrs, and as a result, most of us just didn’t put a high priority on points. I’m not even sure what mine are…..288,885 or something like that! Not very high, actually, for as long as I was on there….

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hey mar, how come we all say flutherers but the new guidelines say we’re flutherites, officially?

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I’m a newbie and I think I’m addicted to Lurve…id do anything to get me some :p

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@swimswimswim THERE!! I think I gave you one! You happy??!! :)

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I love it when I give people lurve, so they hit 10,000. lol

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@eponymoushipster because we are all in a state of schizophrenia now thanks to the insane wis.dmers!

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Yay swimswim!!

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I have made an effort to click, “Great Answer” but forget the thank part because I’m still trying to figure out how to tell when someone responds to a comment.

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@VzzBzz—It’s like the old days on….just have to, like figure it out!

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I always thought that the the Flutherite Legion were the dark overlords of the matrix?

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@eponymoushipster I have seen both, and have tended to use them interchangably, but I noticed that about the new guidelines too. We’ll have to pose a question to the Fluther gods.

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@Marina flutherer seems more common, imo.

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@eponymoushipster and @Marina – I thought it was Flutherians

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I love the sound of Flutherer. So mellifluous.

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I’m sorry, but guidelines be damned!
A member of a fluther is a jellyfish.

A group of crows is called a murder.
One would not call a member crow a murderite.
One would just say crow.

I am a Jellyfish. You are a Jellyfish. We are a fluther.
Please forgive me bendrew

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I copied it from Astrochuck, to be fair…

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@breedmitch Would that particular sentiment make you a fundamentalist? :)

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i use flutherer for 1 and flutherites for more… I wonder why..I don’t know

I’m gonna throw a massive party when i hit 10,000!!!

and you’re all invited!!! Oh how wicked would that be!!!

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I noticed it right away. In answer to one of the above comments, about harder to give good questions than answers, I must say that only being allowed to ask three questions a day truly puts a cramp in that part. I got a notice saying my question asking was over for the day and I didn’t even remember asking three.

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@Yarnlady The limit is only 3 questions in a 6-hour period, not per day. I’d say the emphasis here is more on high-quality discussion than high-quantities of questions. Welcome.

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I sure have! Lovin’ the lurve! :)

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I only have a little lurve. Trying to answer questions in-between boss walk-bys. My cubicle needs a door. A door for lurve!

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@Yarnlady I can see that, but actually the standard for giving GQ seem to be pretty high. Asking a lot more would probably not help.

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@Marina Apparently I better get used to it. I saw in the chat yesterday, andrew said there is consideration being given to allowing fewer questions.

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I had a mental meltdown when I hit 10,000 lurve. I don’t think they were related. Never did have a party.

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@daloon Well…when I get back we’ll have a 10,000 point lurve party, K?? It may involve a pool….

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So long as I don’t have to lick the underside of that pool. I am not going on another frizzer hunt! That’s like looking for the key to the door of an open air church!

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I’m a part of the Great AnswerBag Migration of ‘09, and I can tell you, I have had a big chunk taken out of me by the lurve bug. I dig this website. Thanks for welcoming me :D

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I was bitten on the butt and have flabies.

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I really like it here though I do find some things questionable.

Take lurve, for instance. You asked about awarding/receiving lurve. I recall a dialogue among members complaining how newcoming were awarding lurve “willy-nilly” instead of reserving lurve for “great” questions (as if that’s a standard everyone agrees upon). So while I award lurve, it annoys me that I constantly feel compelled to second-guess myself.

Then there’s the “quality control” issue, where questions and answers seem to have to meet a set criteria. You see some questions and answers yanked as “inappropriate, yet you can search the site and find ridiculous, insulting and inappropriate posts.

So while I like this site a whole lot better than where I came from, I have to remind myself that this is only something to do so that I don’t take some of the actions here too seriously.

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