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Which features and characteristics of Fluther make it better than any other Q&A site?

Asked by Dan_DeColumna (2425points) February 11th, 2010

What, specifically, about these features makes Fluther better?

Are there features on Fluther you do not like?

What are they and why don’t you like them?

Are there things missing here that you have encountered elsewhere?

What are they, where are they from, and why do you think they would make a good addition to Fluther?

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Great question. I love Fluther. I used to be on AB and that was a great site but they made changes and went downhill fast and I have never been back. Fluther is easy to use, nicely set out. I love the fact that I can have personal conversations with others, and that the answers and comments are easily set out. I like how the question are set out when we ask them even though I’ve had a few problems there it is good how we ask them. Personally, I don’t like the chatrooms, that is all. Overall, Fluther is a great site.

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I also don’t like the Meta section either.

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I love the moderation, which makes the site conform to minimal standards of spelling and grammar, and makes the questions worthwhile to answer.

I lov ethe people of the community who are great to one another.

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I agree. It’s the moderators here that do their jobs. The other site I was on…anything went & it was a fiasco. You can also send them a message & they’ll actually get back to you & talk to you. This place is the best. :-)

And, of course, the great people here who I’ve gotten to be friends with.

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The community. Minimal trolls and lots of lurvin’!

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Fluther is far and away the best general-purpose Q&A site going. Active and caring moderators are the key, along with ownership that actually cares about the users. The intellectual level of this community is outstanding. I also like the ability to privately converse with fellow members without having to resort to e-mail. I don’t use chatrooms; I get confused and can’t think quickly in social settings (even in writing). I have a few minor tweaks that I will suggest at a later time; being a newbie, I consider it presumptuous to make them now. I didn’t initially understand the reasons behind some of the rules; I understand now the rationale behind most of them.

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I enjoyed torturing the teabaggers on AV even when it got me in trouble. Fluther is a little tame. I haven’t had even 1 death threat or charge of heresy here.

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The ability to have a 30+ character name. Very few sites would allow it. ~

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@galileogirl I used to enjoy the “wars” on other sites, pre-depression. Now I’m glad that there is a “tame” place to be online. My cyber-warrior days are over now.

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@AstroChuck That is very true.

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Yes. Never forget proper homage to @AstroChuck .~

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I love the Meta section. It allows us to have a place to discuss Fluther related subjects that might be considered too chatty for the main page. :)

I actually suggested on another question that we expand the Meta area to possibly accept more chatty/poll type questions rather than suggest they go to the chat room. I do not think it will happen though as likely it is a flawed idea.

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@erichw1504 & @stranger_in_a_strange_land Stop! He can barely fit his head through the fluther door now!!!

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I like this site over others because the discussions are more interesting for the most part than any other site I’m on. The moderation keeps it on a level I can tolerate.

I would like it better if the comments were threaded, but with the @ it helps keep the confusion to a minimum.

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I’m actually with Dog on this one. I wouldn’t mind seeing a “lounge” section. Just for general chatter like, “Why are people here on a Saturday night?”

And no threaded comments please.

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First and foremost, it’s the community. From the founders on down it’s quite a smart bunch, which I really appreciate. More importantly… from the founders on down, they care. The rules (and enforcement of them – GO MODS!) about how to ask and answer questions keep the site easily understandable (spelling and grammar are big here, and no txtspk) as well as friendly most times (no personal attacks). Those same rules tend to drive some people away, but it seems like the cream of the crop usually find a home here (which brings us right back to the community). The two things really feed each other.

On to the likes/dislikes:

I love the design. Crisp, clean, and a little cute, but not overly so. I love the hidden and not so hidden humor built in. Easy to navigate. I like that there is lurve, and that it has no actual value. I like the ‘learning’ matching algorithm that sends specific questions to specific users.

I’m with @Dog and @johnpowell on the idea of an area for general chatter (other than the chatroom). If there’s one thing I miss about my pre-mod days, it’s the chatty threads we had every once in a while. I’d like to see them return, but not on the front page.

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Another vote for a section with chatty/poll type questions. It is very discouraging for me when I get an edit for a question that states “better suited for the chat room”. When I fluther, I usually sit down for just a few minutes here and there throughout the day. I don’t have the time to sit in the chat room, and there would be no way for me to get the answers that I wanted by sitting in the chat for just a few minutes. Great idea @Dog!

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