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What Youtube Video Downloader and Converter should I use to record and convert youtube videos to 3gp?

Asked by NFS00x (4points) February 11th, 2010

I want to download youtube videos and to convert all youtube videos to 3gp for my cell phone to watch them on my way to work. What good Youtube Recorder do you recommend to me?

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I use this one . But sadly, beyond the fact that this particular piece of software works, that is all I know on the topic.

Just to make a lier out of myself, I know you can convert them into avi, wmv, mpeg, mov, etc with this bit of software as well.

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Use this one, It downloads from Youtube and you can convert to other formats too, it takes a second to download and its pretty fast.


Download videos from YouTube, Google Video, MySpaceTV and many others
Allows you to download YouTube videos for which you need to be 18+ years of age
Converts video for Ipod, Iphone, PSP, Cell Phone, Windows Media, XVid and MP3
Provides the ability to cut and select the output quality of converted videos
Uses the FFmpeg engine to convert the videos
Plays videos downloaded in Flash
Extremely easy to use

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MPEG Streamclip is an awesome freeware converter that will suit most of your needs. I don’t know about 3gp… But it can easily convert flv to mp4, which is a standard video file that shouldn’t be hard to convert to anything. To download from YouTube, I use the Firefox add-on here.

To be honest, I’d recommend getting a video/mp3 player and downloading podcasts and/or books. To download YouTube videos, convert, and add to your phone will take more time then it’s worth putting in. Not to mention the fact the YouTube is an incredible, awesome, hilarious waste of time. There are probably more constructive entertainment devices for your ride to work :)


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Yes, Youtube Downloader.
Here I took some screen shots for you too.
It’s a light weight program (downloads in SECS, easy to use and simple)
It’s a small Window, all you do is first, Copy the link on the Youtube video,
Go to the Youtube Downloader Window, Paste, then click Ok.
screenshot 1
It should take not even 5 minutes
scree shot 2
, After close, then theirs another option called convert. Select the File Type you want, (in your case, it’s 3gp) then click Ok.
screenshot 3
Another Window Will Pop Up, Asking you the quality of the video you want.
screenshot 4
Click the quality then click Okay. should take up to 5 minutes. simple and easy.
screenshot 5

screenshot 6/finished

Just click
Download Now

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