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What social networking/media site(s) that you currently use could you do without?

Asked by mirifique (1537points) February 11th, 2010

With the advent of Google buzz, it got me thinking, do I really need another form to update my status? I feel like I need to clean house a little, social-networking-site wise. I feel overextended. I want to simplify.

Which social media/networking sites—that you currently use—are the lease useful to you?

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Since Facebook & fluther are the only 2 sites I’m on, sorry, fluther, I’d have to say you. I have WAY too many family & friends on there that I talk to. My closest friends from here are on my FB, so I’d be covered there.

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Facebook. I find the tidbits of news and photos interesting, but could do without the distraction of all the apps like sending hearts and Farmville.

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I could do without any of them, but I really like Facebook for the way it lets me keep in touch with my friends, and Twitter I basically use like an RSS feed for news and blogs with a little bit of talkback functionality. I think it’s kind of interesting though that facebook is really just an awful lot like what AOL wanted to be back in the old days. It’s really sort of the internet lite. You get your own webpage without having to do a lot of design, and it comes with a built in email system that only works within facebook, and then you can see the latest updates from certain people, which is the only real innovation. But ultimately what sites like this provide is something pretty simple that the raw internet turned out to be just a little too complicated for most people to use it for.

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I agree, the introduction of Buzz made me realize how over-saturated the social networking market is.
All I use to keep in contact with real life friends are facebook, gmail/gtalk, and a small online forum. So that’s not too much baggage I guess.
You lovely Jellies have tricked me into getting a formspring, tumblr and twitter. And I’ve been tricked into logging onto AIM and Skype regularly.

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@marinelife Do what I did there & block all those stupid apps that you don’ t participate in. Then they never show up on your page. I’m soooo much happier since I did that.

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@mirifique I am totally feeling you on this one….

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I only use Facebook and Fluther. I guess I can do without Fluther. Much harder to stalk people (t)here.

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All of them… If I wanted to. ;-)

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@jbfletcherfan How do I do that? I would love to.

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*least useful. I clearly have been Twittering and texting too much…

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Fb is finally doing better, it used to be a part time job, removing all the surveys from your newsfeed. I finally see none. I enjoy pictures, catching up with friends etc. I haven’t touched myspace in forever, it just says find me on fb. That and fluther, no time for more, or interest. Google buzz, nice, simple, I may use it. Not sure yet.

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What about Google Wave? Do we see this catching on at all?
Personally I find it invasive to have others edit what you’re writing as you’re writing it.
I tried it out with a friend and it completely disturbed my notions of authorship.

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I still have a Myspace from years ago that I am really only holding onto for the odd survey that I take and post in the bulletin section. I could happily live without it!

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@marinelife When something comes up that you don’t like, move your cursor to the top right hand side area of the post. ‘hide’ will come up. You have the options of hiding the PERSON, or the APPLICATION. Just click on ‘hide app’ & it’ll never come up again. You won’t be blocking the poster, just the app.

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Well, I use Facebook, fluther, Twitter, tumblr, AIM, formspring, and occasionally Skype. I could live without formspring, Facebook, and tumblr.

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Well I met my sweetheart on Myspace so I am eternally in their debt… Facebook is cool but I honestly don’t care about reconnecting with people that didn’t give a damn about me before, and people I work with that see’s me every day. Twitter is a waste of time unless your keeping up with the news. I guess myspace is the coolest because its so customizable, and you can express yourself a lot more.

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@Tenpinmaster what I like about fb is that you can mod it to be like myspace, or you can completely strip it down. It’s really up to you.

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I only have fluther and fb and I don’t want to do w/o either – otherwise, I’d have done so already.

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@phoebusg Yea your right.. I have both so im not missin out. Just think myspace is more colorful Facebook is more functional though! ahh toss up!

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@Tenpinmaster they should bite the bullet and merge :P

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OMG…I wouldn’t want to see that!

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@jbfletcherfan FB is modular enough, you could surf in myspace, or fb – or any other mode.
I’d prefer an all-in-one social site, that you can almost completely customize.
Mind you, you also customize how your view information in other people’s profiles etc.
Everything is the same data, it’s all about presentation and specific functions.

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The only problem with the slow death that Myspace is dying is that it’s slow.

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i feel like FB has become for me, a way of keeping in touch with bullcrap that is really not too necessary. there’s not much that i have learned about my friends on FB that i did not already know, just little up to date crap like that they’re headed to the gym or something. Also, with FB, in the beginning i got in touch with some old friends i had not heard from in years, that was great, but what’s happened is we never did anything with it. i think just knowing we’re available and in touch prevents us from doing anything more. we’re like in “limbo.”

i like Fluther because i like the whole Q and A aspect and being able to anonymously bounce questions off the collective, and hearing others’ opinions.

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I use Facebook and Fluther, mostly. I’m on Facebook a lot, but honestly I would give up Facebook before Fluther, assuming Fluther counts as social networking.

I think Facebook is really boring. There’s nothing rewarding about using Facebook other than catching status updates about people I haven’t seen since high school, which honestly isn’t all that interesting—I never actually talk to them.

I’ve tried joining the groups on Facebook relating to my major, hobbies, etc, trying to, er, network socially on the social networking behemoth. My major (computer science) has a Group on Facebook with thousands of people on it, yet the discussion boards were dead. I looked in other, more specific areas of interest and found nothing. Facebook gives you nothing more than a way to not forget about people you already know. It doesn’t encourage meeting new ones, and it doesn’t do a particularly good job of setting the stage for you to interact with friends you already have and share a common interest with that you might not have been aware of.

While if I really tried I could make Facebook more social for me, but even in the little time I’ve been on Fluther I’ve had more engaging, interesting, and rewarding discussions than I will ever have on Facebook, and that’s saying something since I give Facebook more of a run-through than most people do.

Fluther for me. =)

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I use mainly Plurk. Its similar to Twitter but its easier to follow replies and comments. But really I could manage without any of them

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I only use Facebook and Fluther.

I love Facebook for keeping up with friends and family I never/rarely get to see (which is about everyone I know these days).

Fluther is great for good discussion and intellectual stimulation. Which I rarely/never get in real life.

So, ‘neither’ is my answer.

of course these are just substitutes for the way I’d like to live in real life…where I’d have enough free time to visit with all my favorite people and live in a community surrounded by fascinating people.

ahh…to dream.

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I am getting ready to cancel my readers digest.

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I rarely go to myspace anymore.

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I could easily abandon Facebook. I use it about 3 minutes a day, just to keep up with friends status.

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I use Newsvine which is very similar toYahoo Buzz, I haven’t heard of Google Buzz. I don’t really need Newsvine much, and could easily get along without it.

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All of them. Did without them for a long time.

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