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Camcording/recording/filming techniques?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) February 12th, 2010

I will be getting a new camcorder at the end of the month or next month and I will start vlogging or something like that.
So, I have seen some videos on YouTube of people when they vlog and I have noticed that when they vlog at one point they stop or pause the camcorder and then suddenly there’s another scene.

For an example like this video
It starts at a scene then it skips scene thus it jumps forward, if you know what I mean?

And I was wondering how you do that? Is it by editing the video or do they actually pause the recording or something? Becuase I will be getting a Canon Vixia HF S10 camcorder and I want to vlog but I don’t know if it’s possible to pause the recording then jump to another beginning like that or is it all in the editing?

So let me know how you do it and how you guys record, your techniques and stuff like that.

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It’s just a simple edit that they do after recording to make it a little more… sporadic. Spontaneous. Entertaining! It is just to spice things up I guess.

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Back in the film days, this was the basis for a style recognized in the French New Wave of cinema, and the film Breathless (A Boute De Souffle) is one of the earliest examples of this form of discontinuous editing.

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That sounds to me like in camera editing. That’s the easiest way to edit- just turn your camera off when you want to jump to the next topic or scene and start it. The only problem with that is that you have to get it right- you can’t really do retakes unless you want to rewind the camera to the beginning of the scene and rerecord over it. If you do this too much- assuming you have a camera that has a tape you could wear out the tape but it’s unlikely. The big disadvantage is that you can’t really do multiple takes and choose the best one.

Just watched that video actually and while it’s possible to do what she did in camera the scenes are cut so tightly that she probably used a simple video editing program. Try something like Imovie to start I guess. It’s not really that difficult. There are some open source alternatives people are working on too. – I’ve recommended this a bunch but this is just where i go for my open source stuff.

That kind of edit once you get things set up won’t take you very long in a simple video editor, just trim the scenes to where you want them to start (you’ll learn this in a second) and line em up flush in the order you want them.

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yeah in your case you can do either or. You can either choose to continue to roll in camera and then when you transfer the footage onto the computer then you can drop it into movie maker or iMovie at the very least if you haven’t bought any good software for your computer to do editing with. However with the camera that you are looking to get, the canon Vixia HF S10 (good choice on camera by the way, i’ve used the Canon Vixia HF24 which i believe is the last year or two years ago model of the camera you are looking at), anyways, i digress, you can use that camera and each time you start and stop it it creates a new clip in the camera (and you can’t record over them unless you delete them like you would pictures from a digital camera which is an amazing feature). When you make the new clip it will already be cut for you to the next scene that you start it on (which will created the next sequential clip) making editing much much much easier. Good luck. hope that helped

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The most apparently-logical way to do this would be to record everything in your script in lengthy clips rather than short, paused ones. Take a moment between lines of script that you will want to sprinkle in the jump between scenes to move around (if desired) and to remember which places to cut at. When you have all your video captured, toss it into your video-editing program (the only thing you will be doing apparently is cutting and rearranging, so don’t go buy some $5b suite at Office Depot, just use WMM/iMovie) in the order that you captured them, if you have a total of 2+ original clips. Find the spots where you paused in each clip, then select the length of clip where you paused and cut it. Play the edited area of clip and if you like the result, do the same for the rest. If it cuts out a bit of your voice or there is a noticeable pause, hit Ctrl+Z or Command+Z and try again. If you have parts where you jump between different locations and have to move your camera, throw in another pause so that a part of you reaching for the camera doesn’t show up. The same pause should be used at the introduction of each of the original clips. If you need some more clarification, just tell me.

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