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Lie when crossing your fingers?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) February 13th, 2010

I know I’m not an American or westerner that’s why I ask. I saw some people who crossing their fingers behind their back while they’re lying. I’m curious what’s that for?. Is that won’t make you feel guilty after you tell lies?. Is that really a lie?. Do you think people who do that are forgivable?(can you forgive?). Is this prone to happen only to children?.

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It’s just a childhood meme. I lie whenever I feel it’s necessary, and sometimes when I don’t.

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That’s some ridiculous child’s nonsense. If you see an adult do that, avoid them like the plague! : )

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it means that your secretly plotting to steal that persons jelly donut when they’re not looking.

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That means someone has different answer in mind. I’ll forgive if it’s done by children and if it’s an unexplainable situation.

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Superstitious people here in the US think it traps luck. Some people just do it because they are hoping their lie will work, even though they know it won’t effect anything. They just do it.

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There are still people who won’t walk under a ladder or step on a crack in the sidewalk (lest they break their mother’s back), but they are fewer and fewer, and quite possibly, the world is a little less ‘magical’ for kids? Crossing your fingers was always for luck when I was growing up, i.e., I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Always consider the source, and in this case it’s not being American, it’s being a liar (and more than likely an adult child), and those come in every country and culture.

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Interesting. I’d forgotten that it also was done for good luck. I think @ChocolateReigns is right.

A quick Google search led to an interesting web page.

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It may be related to ‘under duress’ gestures.

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Yeah, lying about lying. Wat.

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Haha I do that, but then later i end up telling the truth anyways :P

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If you cross your fingers, it doesn’t count as a lie. I.e., the person you lied to can’t get mad at you because you crossed your fingers.

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Yeah, i do it all the time.

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yeah, what “wundayatta” said , i seem to recall as a kid.
but never did that and don’t do it now.

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