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If you wanted to disguise yourself so that your best friend couldn't recognize you, how would you do it?

Asked by dunkin_donutz (441points) February 13th, 2010

I’m talking about some kind of physical disguise so that you could walk up to your best friend and stare him in the face and he wouldn’t recognize you.

Is that possible?

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Probably only with prosthetics for your face. Add those and makeup and it is possible. They do it in movies all the time but I’m betting it’s expensive.

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I’ll wear ‘jilbab’(traditional head cover for female) and female Islamic dress. No one will ever recognize me since I’m covering all over my body with white garment just like the majority of women in my country.

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I’d probably put on a dress and some panty hose. No one would recognize me.

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I recognized my boyfriend from over 50 feet away, from the back, in his lacrosse uniform, with a helmet on. (And I didn’t know his number).

Wearing a burka is a good one, though.

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Gain 200 lbs, or lose 200 lbs. I’ve tried it. It works.

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People recognised me in my Halloween costumes and I thought I did a good job.They guessed it from my walk and my voice is pretty recognizable.—now if I could just sit down and be quiet—lol!

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As @dpworkin suggests, if you can find a way to make yourself look much larger (or much smaller, if you can manage that), then even if your face seems familiar, the rest of you won’t, and they’ll tend to discount the facial resemblance.

You really want to disguise your gait, too, though, so crutches, a cane (practice) or a wheelchair could help a lot. (The wheelchair also allows you to cover your legs with a blanket, for example, which aids in hiding parts of you.)

If you can dress very formally… or in rags… and your friend isn’t familiar with you in this getup, then “you” won’t fit in your friend’s recollection of “how you dress”.

Dirt, scars, bandages, a limp are among many more suggestions.

All I’d have to do is wear a fucking New York Yankees baseball hat and no one who knows me would recognize me at all.

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The walk is what’s most apt to give you away, according to something I read about detectives and disguises long ago. I would try to lengthen my stride and change the way I place my feet.

As for appearance, I’d probably try something that calls a lot of attention to itself, such as a voluminous red wig and gaudy makeup, so that it is noticed instead of me. And I’d choose a style of dress that I would ordinarily never wear at all.

Of course, everything depends on keeping my mouth shut….

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A big curly wig and lose about 150lbs ;-)

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Like @Jeruba said the walk makes the biggest difference. I’ve heard putting pebbles in your shoe helps

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Without any drastic measures, such as carving my face up and disfiguring myself or utilizing professional medical methods such as plastic surgery, I don’t think I could.

I’m way too hot to not be recognized anyways.


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I’d shave and cut my hair.

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