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Why would you not set your home alarm system when you are home?

Asked by cohiba333 (22points) February 13th, 2010

I have been seeing an increase in home invasions while people are at home. Many are the homes in suburban areas with the false security that nothing will happen to them. They have alarm systems, but may only arm them when they are away and not while they are home. Also, there have been cases of children beng kidnapped from their homes by intruder entering an unlocked door or window. Why would you not set your alarm??

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False sense of safety?

People are human.

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They probably think that those kindsa things only happen to someone else.
But as Calvin’s dad says, we’re all someone else to everybody else.

It’s just saddening that such a realization must be made with the idea that you’ll never see your child again. :(

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We have really, really, really, thick doors.

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+GQ This question is a good reminder to people. You should set your alarm system at least when you go to sleep. Our farm is quite far away from urban areas but the alarm system is on every night. All members of the household are also armed.

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Thanks for reminding me. I’m off to set it right now.

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My house was once broken into. They turned the whole house upside down in a frantic search for jewelry, didn’t find any, and walked away with a couple of electronics. Since then, I never lock my doors, never close the windows, sometimes even just leave the door wide open. Been doing this for two years now, no problems at all. I don’t even have an alarm system. If someone really wants to break in, they will.

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the hassle of managing it while you are home? i know this can sometimes be a factor.

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Is there any data to support this hysteria about the prevalence of break-ins and kidnappings and what not? I didn’t think so.

Kidnappings and stalkings are extremely rare—and are not any more prevalent now than they ever were. However, what is much more prevalent now are newshounds looking to sensationalize everything, thus making people think something happens much more often than it does.

Only some people can set alarms at home. For example, we can only do it at night, because it restricts our movement in the house. Those beeper things are probably worse than useless, because you either get used to ignoring them, or you’re running around trying to figure out what is going on all the time.

Why would you not set your home alarm while at home? Because the odds of it helping you vs the odds of it hurting you are astronomically on the side of hurting you.

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Reminds me of this question:

I don’t have a home alarm system. I don’t see the need for one.

I figure I should only worry about things that legitimate threats or else I’d never leave the house because all kinds of things are “possible” even though they are highly unlikely. Realistically, if you are breaking into houses in my neighborhood, during the day, when people are home you’re going to get shot. My neighbors and I all know each other and you’re going to get noticed if you come up our circle.

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We set our alarm to arm all the doors and windows while at home. Our interior alarm is only armed while we are away. We can then walk around house.

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