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What do you use to copy dvds?

Asked by mowens (8367points) February 13th, 2010

I use DVD fab… and it does not seem to work with dual layer dvds. What do you use?

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Rip It. I’m on a mac.

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If you’re a windows user, I use DVD shrink and them burn them back using Nero. Works well and is pretty quick :-)

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tooth paste and bubble gum. Sometimes it requires taking out the tin foil, but that’s for bluray’s only.

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MacTheRipper to rip it, followed by Popcorn to burn it. I have a Mac.

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I should have said. I have both a mac book pro and a windows comp. on my windows comp, I have 2 drives so it should in theory be easy to copy it on the fly. :)

Is there a way to do it without ripping?

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I mean I realize all programs do it for you… I just would like to automate the process. :)

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@mowens I use DVDFab 6 and have no problem with dual layer discs. Which version are you using?

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I use tracing paper.

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