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Do you know of any jobs that can be done from home, online, or while traveling?

Asked by bezdomnaya (1435points) May 12th, 2009

I am finishing up my MPhil degree in Linguistics at the end of June. I am going to be moving back to the States after that, to NYC.

But first I want to stay here and travel a bit in Europe and then visit some friends back in Kansas, in Chicago, Austin, and (hopefully) Hawaii. I was hoping to make this last from July to October, but the problem is, I have no money. At all. Who does, really?

I don’t need much money, mostly for cheap food and traveling costs. So, does anyone know of any jobs that are done online? Or from home? Or really temporary jobs that are easy to get in most cities/towns?

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I’ve heard positive things about

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I assume with a degree in linguistics you could do some sort of editing or possibly translation work?

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You could try do some freelance writing. That’s got to be the easiest (if you don’t mind writing), quickest, lowest-risk online money-making opportunity.

Give it a shot, check out… FANTASTIC website, just start with Morning Coffee, and you’re in luck as today is Tuesday. Good luck!

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yould become part of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

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Like @asmonet already mentioned, while I was traveling I did a bunch of translating jobs that allowed me to make money as I went. On the other hand, I was doing thesis translations, and they really took away from the traveling experience.

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teaching (if you plan to stay a bit) or translation work, which in theory you could do from anywhere in the world (but in reality you don’t if you’re travelling). Depending on the places you visit, there might be odd jobs for little money that you could do, eg waitress or farm hand.

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Web developer.

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you could sell things on Ebay

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