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Is it a bad idea to make a fake account on eharmony?

Asked by gememers (445points) February 13th, 2010

I realize it is illegal…but besides that is there a reason for a person not to? Do you think it would be amusing to create a person with as many qualities as possible that would be perceived as unlikable by most? I know eHarmony doesn’t do same sex match making, so would it entertain you to create a person who is “gay”, by stereotypical expectations, and see who the matches turn out to be?

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hahaha i think I’ll do that now

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Doesn’t it cost money? Sounds like a waste.

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probably shouldn’t, but it’s an interesting idea

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities but don’t they offer free trial periods every once in awhile?

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Sounds like someone needs a new hobby.~

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@gememers That’s ok. I’ve done worse when I’ve been bored. :)

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What’s the point of that? Dating sites aren’t supposed to be like Facebook.
Tell your friend not to pursue this course of action. It’s rude to the people there actually looking for a date.

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@Captain_Fantasy if you’re on eharmony you’re looking for more than a date

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You’re thinking of Craigslist

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@Captain_Fantasy Sure, sure. But I wouldn’t even consider messing with craigslist.

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I thought EHarmony had a reputation of turning people down and not giving reasons. I may be wrong. I was married before the internet was hot.

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for someone who’s got too much time on their hands and lacking in any meaningful reason for existence, why not.

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I have never been on eHarmony but I have seen that it is a dating site.

So let me get this straight. You think it would fun to mess with lonely people just because you are bored?

~ What else do you and your friend do for fun? Oh hey! Special Olympics is coming up! Why don’t you and your friend go down and put crazy glue on some wheelchair bearings. Then you could go find someone whose house is in foreclosure and tell them they won lottery. That would be great for hoots huh?

I do not get people who get their kicks by exploiting the vulnerability in others.

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is it illegal?

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Do you want to do this because E-Harmony doesn’t match gays? (I heard it doesn’t…which makes no sense.) OH wait——I just re-read your question…that IS why you want to do it. I don’t even think you can get into the process without them booting you out…...

I had a friend who was separated, not legally divorced yet (but he had left the house and it was officially over.) After the dust had settled, things had been sorted out, she had not yet been granted the divorce—- she wanted to find someone to just go out with——that wasn’t a total loser…so she filled out all the E-Harmony questions….there must be about 100 or so…detailed stuff. When she gets to the END (the END folks) it asks “Are you married, separated, divorced, widowed?” or something like that. She was honest and checked “separated.”

And it went BEEP….“We’re sorry but because you are not divorced you cannot participate.” She wanted to scream——-why didn’t they tell her BEFORE she started the whole survey? It had taken her AN HOUR.

I don’t know if it is legal or not…..but I think they have really stringent rules. This is a far cry from LOVE AT AOL…remember that zoofest?


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Find better things to do….get real!

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it sounds pretty fun actually, although you are messing with people’s heads…
but then again, what else are you supposed to do if you are bored out of your mind?
Read? Hah!

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