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Are sites like Fluther the future to solving problems?

Asked by Drgrafenbergmd (387points) February 13th, 2010

As this type of website matures, will more mainstream models begin to be utilized to solve problems? If not what model to you envision beng more useful to problem solving?

(Since all of my questions sound like homework anyways)
Extra Credit: Are there any government entities that let their employees share information with this or a similar type of system?

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They have helped me solve several that I would have had a very difficult time answering before they came along. Still, I am often appalled when I search for an answer to something and find it discussed on Yahoo Answers. All too often, the top rated answer is not just wrong, but utterly absurdly wrong. So social Q&A must be viewed with a certain level of skepticism, and reviewed against reason and logic before being acted upon.

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I think social sites are a great idea. Some depts. in the state of CA have encouraged their employees to get on facebook to encourage more interpersonal sharing of resources and to build and strengthen work ties while under an air of socializing.

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I think that tit’s interesting that you put wikipedia in your topics cause that is exactly what this question brought to mind for me. With wikipedia, the “collective” is seen as being more likely to be correct. Interesting that there will be fewer “experts” and more reliance on the internet blogs and similar sites…..

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Not by themselves. It definitely helps to bridge communication divides, though, and in doing so enables people to be more tolerant. At least that’s what I like to think.

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Are you calling Fluther immature?

How rude.

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The future of problem solving is man’s gradual acknowledgement that the are no problems…

…just situations or events we direct energy toward changing because the situation or event at present no longer serves whatever purpose we intend for it to serve.

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I’d like to think so. As @lilikoi pointed out, at the very least they expose us to so many different cultures and world-views that one almost can’t help coming away a more tolerant person. That in and of itself seems extremely important to the future of cooperative efforts at problem solving.

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@Astrochuck Infantile more like ^_^ I kid of course, a better description I suppose would simply be “new concept”. I think the power shows through in the model already though.

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No. Real problems need solvers with credentials.

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Does Fluther create problems? with your SO for example

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I think it is one method of problem solving. I think it can sometimes lead to answers and other times leave people wanting.

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sites like fluther allow you to see what people of all races and ages think about important and everyday issues.

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Thatll make a spiffy next question thankya much @thriftymaid

@mammal Grrrreat point point. What problems does Fluther create? Other than those the users themselves bring, what are some ways that Fluther or the QA model can fall short? I suppose I deflect to you to answer you own question. ^_^ Then again maybe I will asks it meself.

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Only in an indirect way. Getting involved in sites like Fluther promote learning and knowledge skills like critical thinking and good communication. This increases the effectiveness of problem solving.

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I agree with @mattbrowne You can increase your problem solving skills but unless you log off and and get directly involved it’s useless information.

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