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If i save music to my hard drive, will it take up space?

Asked by xboxfan (110points) February 13th, 2010

Will it take space up?

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Yes and your computer will run much slower.

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How would it not?

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@judochop My thought exactly…..

DrC's avatar Music is special because it brings us so much pleasure. It’s like when you take only one bite of a donut or cake…the calories don’t really count. Well, music on your hard drive is the same way. Of course, if you save too many songs, then you will end up taking up lots of space!

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He means to his hardrive on his xbox 360….. Yes it will but it will take up a lot of space.

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@Cheeseball451 where do you see xbox except his name?

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Anything you save to your hard drive will take up space. At the moment I have just under 40 gigs of music on this computer.

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No, everything would just stay the same…
YES anything you save onto your hard drive will take up space. Unless you are asking the quantity of space; as in how much space. Then it depends how much kb/mgb/gb your hard drive can store and how large the file is.

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@john65pennington – It won’t get slower, not unless you filled the entire drive up with it. lol

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Yes, honey. Now eat your peas.

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What’s this “computer” you speak of?

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Pretty sure it will

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@pjanaway HDs start getting slower at around 60–75% full IME

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@fave lookign at his profile all 31 questions he asked are all about xob’s so i’m preety sure this question is about a xobx

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Xbox hooray!!

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