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What is the role of purified linseed oil in oil painting?

Asked by sumitnxt (103points) February 14th, 2010

i am beginning oil painting and want to know what do i do with the linseed oil provided in the set.

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It makes the paint flow better. It’s the equivalent of using water with watercolors or acrylics.

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But here’s a tip. Well, two tips. One is, you’ll get a faster-drying thinner if you mix your nice linseed oil with some turpentine. The other is, if you do this, you will get what we call a “lean” mixture of paint and medium (the mixing substance is called “medium”). It’ll be “lean” compared to “fat” paint – plain paint out of the tube, unmixed with anything that makes it more liquid.
So the tip is this: when painting, you never want to paint lean over fat. You want to paint fat over lean. The reason is that the lean layers will dry faster, being thinner. If a layer of thinned paint dries on top of a layer of unthinned paint, it will be completely dry and cohered to itself, making a skin, before the fatter layer under it has had a chance to
dry. So when that does dry completely, it will condense into a smaller volume under the already-dry upper layer, which will then
crrrrr a ck.
You’ve seen this.
It’s okay if you want it to happen. But if you don’t, then remind yourself: fat over lean.

phew that was fun

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First two responses were great, plus oil painting takes forever to dry if you don’t use it!!

Also, if you are learning to paint on your own- and making a representational painting, remember to put the shadows in first. Sometimes I make an underpainting in Acrylic paint first (sometimes with just black and white, sometimes simple colors)...and (when dry of course) then go over it with oils. I never learned that in school, but heard it someplace, and it has really worked for me!

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It’s part of one’s medium.

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