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Who is this painting/canvas print by?

Asked by TheOnlyException (2182points) April 1st, 2010

This one right here

I bought it today from the same place I once found a print of a piece by Banksy (flower thrower), except I recognised the piece and bought it for peanuts. I found this in the same place.
I KNOW its not a Banksy. But who IS it by? Just feeding my intellectual really is lovely.
Thanks in advance

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I am not sure – the person using the camera in it is throwing me ff.

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@bendarkscribedrew yeah sorry thats me, i took a photo of the canvas print i bought

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Looks like a generic piece of modern design. I’ve seen literally hundreds of artworks similar to this in my days of trolling art and design forums. It’s a popular style. I like it, but it’s so generic that I can’t possibly give you a specific name.

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@fiddle_playing_creole_bastard ah! thats what i suspected. it is just that in the same store i found a print of flower thrower by Banksy. I probably would have bought that one regardless, but the only reason I recognised it as a print of a piece of Banksy’s was because I studied him for my art qualification.
Hence i thought maybe there might be an artist to this other find of mine, just that i didnt know who. Thanks for your answer.

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I don’t know who made it, but it’s pretty.

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I had seen a similar work of art some time back at this site and I thin you should contact professional to know who has made this art work.

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