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Why are rich and powerful men so prone to adultery?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11447points) February 14th, 2010

It is as simple as the opportunity being available?

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I believe it is twofold:

First, they are constantly chased after by women.

Second, they develop a sense of entitlement and “specialness”.

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If they’re already prone, the money helps them attract potential mistresses. If they are not prone, it wouldn’t matter. Perhaps the lack of money from poor men that want to play around is what makes them so prone to fidelity?

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They are rich. You love them!
Hell, I love them!

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Let this be a lesson ladies. You don’t want to date the president or the CO of an international company.. no.. no way… what you want to do is find some average bloke who works for a living and values every dollar he earns along with those who’ll share it with him. =)

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Rich and powerful men often get to be that way because they’re never content with what they have.

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I’m not sure that’s true. You just happen to know about the rich and powerful because they appear in the media. When Jose Shmo down the block has an affair, it’s not public knowledge.

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Because nubile women seek men with excess cash, and the men, shallow and narcissistic, and incapable of genuine love, are foolish enough to believe they are actually cared about and thought of as being attractive. It’s just another transaction.

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I thought the weak, poor in spirit men were the ones who commit adultery.

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Being chased or sought after by women is the main reason. some men cannot resist the temptations laid before them. its similiar to drug addicts. place a pound of cocaine in front of them and what do you think would happen? sometimes, its all about the money and fame(if they don’t get caught).

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I think it is because they believe they are entitled to have as many women as they can bed.

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poor men who commit adultery do not make good divorce targets, so those couples are more likely to “reconcile”. rich men get taken to the cleaners, so it becomes a matter or public record.

Also divorce may be less acceptable in lower socioeconomic strata, so such dirty laundry is not aired.

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The Vulcan Science Directorate has determined that it is likely their failings are just more prevalent in the media because they are famous.

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I was under the impression that to have a slew of young women was one of the top 3 reasons men endeavored to get rich to begin with. No?

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I know more not so rich and not so powerful men and women knocking boots..CEO’s don’t have a lock on adultery everybody is vulnerable to straying…everybody!

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i think poor guys would do it too if the opportunity presented itself…man is only as faitful as his options….

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i don’t think being rich or powerful has a significant amount of influence over whether someone is inclined to pursue another sex partner or not.

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I think getting all the beautiful women they want is one of their drives for becoming rich and powerful. And once they have, they think they can. In fact, they pretty much can.

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It is simple. Women are attracted to men with money.

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I think that the power makes people,men and women feel invincible.

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@NaturalMineralWater – You say – “Let this be a lesson ladies. You don’t want to date the president or the CO of an international company.. no.. no way… what you want to do is find some average bloke who works for a living and values every dollar he earns along with those who’ll share it with him. =)”

I tired that and it does not work. It does not mater if you have money or not. If your man is going to cheat on you it will happen no mater what type of income is involved.. bogus..

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Just another one of those hard-wired™ situations, I guess.

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You said it in the question “rich and powerful”! It gives them more of a sense of power to “dominate” as many women as possible!

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I believe that they are not more prone (pun intended) but simply more likely to be reported in the media.

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Because they can, and most bimbo’s go after money, not caring about the wife or girlfriend they are fucking with.

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Evolution. A single woman can get impregnated by a single man (except for the few cases of fraternal twins with two different fathers) while a single man can impregnate thousands of women.

There are two basic survival strategies for the genes passed on my men:

1) Promiscuity assuming a few kids raised by the mothers will reach sexual maturity themselves
2) Monogamy with all kids being raised by the mother and father and almost all will reach sexual maturity

Interestingly the second strategy proved to be far more effective!

Many men following the first strategy are narcissistic and their true intent is typically self serving. Their goal is to accumulate more of two things: power and money.

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I read an interesting Psychological study about 10yrs ago that indicated that a large proportion of high flying businessmen & politicians had borderline sociopathic tendancies. If this is the case then it would certainly explain why they put it about so much without seeming to care about the consequences.

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I don’t want to generalize since many rich men are family men . But the ones you’re speaking of are the ones we hear about that are having affairs with and dating/marrying much younger women—they feel they’re ENTITLED to it and they fully realize if they were broke they couldn’t “get” the same quality of woman. TO SHOW OFF TO THEIR BUDDIES. They know this and just look at it as a trade-off: “twenty something lady, I’ll pay your way in style to have you by my side making me look good.” She thinks: “old goat, I’ll be with you as opposed to some young dude if you’ll support me in style.” And many times they Do have a real affection for one another. If they do marry and divorce, it costs him big and she is set (financially) for life. He’s willing to take the gamble just to have her.
Ain’t love grand?

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“I ain’t say’n she a golddigga, but she ain’t play’n with no broke nigga” case and point.

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. I don’t think the power or the wealth makes a man any more or less prone to cheat; all statues of society cheats. I think powerful men or wealthy men are more prone to be figures of notice or famous so when they cheat it is more public than that dock worker doing a low-rent version for the “Tiger Woods chronicles”. Rich and powerful men have more resources to keep and satisfy a mistress; apartment, cars, jewelry, getaways etc. And they might have a slight edge on finding long term “other women” over the bus driver or doc worker as gold diggers aren’t really known to go after a thousandaires as oppose to millionaires. I think powerful and wealthy men cheat because they can have the woman that will be different from their wife but not really love her, it is more business. The gal knows the drill as well, there is least likely to be this deep love connection be it real or imagined as with the bus boy, clerk or cab driver.

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It all boils down to character and principles. If you don’t have principles guiding you, you will do anything rich and poor alike.

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I’m not convinced adultery happens more among rich men. It is noticed because most of them are notorious for other reasons already, including simply for being rich.

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