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Is MAG any good?

Asked by FlutherNOW (118points) February 14th, 2010

Anyone here play MAG for the ps3? What do you think

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It’s quite decent, with some very interesting features that I think are great for rejuvinating the online fps genre. (Now called MMOFPS.)

However, because it’s so big and complex, you gotta make sure that the people you’re setting things up and playing with are going to work as a team.
Essentially, this is what this game is about, working together, following or giving orders and establishing plans in order to win. It compliments teamwork and this is its primary concept.

That said, plenty of people just do whatever they want, go off on their own, ignore orders and this gets boring and frustrating very quickly, because you get constantly annihilated by an opposing and more efficient team. If nobody knows how to play the sessions get very long, and a normal session played as intended is already quite lengthy.

That’s the bad part of it but otherwise it’s a damn decent game where you won’t see time fly. It’s got your general objectives; capture this, destroy that, but the approach it takes to emulate the military is great, you can issue orders to teams, and each team has a leader which issues orders to its followers, and I forget how many people you can have in one game but it’s a lot, so it can make for very interesting sessions. And of course, upgrading your rank and all.

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It’s the only reason I bought a PS3. I don’t really think it is all that. If you like FPS that require you to use about 900 bullets to kill someone then, sure it’s great.

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Ya I noticed most people on FPS do what they want (COD is a good example).

I’m the type of guy that likes to dick over the team, so I guess MAG would be pretty fun :)

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@FlutherNOW Baha CoD is that the one with the chicken bomber glitch?
Keep in mind, before you can become an important figure on MAG with the ability to give out orders, you gotta upgrade your rank. So you don’t have a choice but to play adequately.

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I dont see why anyone online would listen to anyone else’s online orders.

I would think most people would just say fuck off and start shooting shit up lol. Thats how most online games seem to play out in reality.

Chicken bomber? Never heard of it. I am talking about COD Modern Warfare 2

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