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Does anybody know the settings for Dazzle DVC 100 on Pinnacle studio's 14?

Asked by alexzachs (1points) January 14th, 2010

I have borrowed a Dazzle DVC 100 off my friend. I have all the cables set up for my XBOX 360. When I go to capture on windows movie maker – the preview is just a black screen. So I changed the Hz from 60 to 50. I could only capture the dashboard as none of my games support 50 Hz.
So I downloaded AMCap and the trial for Pinnacle Studio 14. I know that this is a solution. And the AMCap is there to change the picture from black and white to colour – my only problem now is that I need to know the settings for Pinnacle Studio 14 to start capturing my screen. I cant find the settings, and I need help finding the settings and need to know THE settings for a Dazzle DVC 100.
You must know that I am using the Pinnacle Studio 14.


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