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What would you give as a present?

Asked by njnyjobs (7577points) February 15th, 2010

Trying to come up with appropriate gift suggestions to celebrate the birthday of 85-year old aunt. She’s not active anymore, mostly watches TV during the day, she’s also a widow and lives with her daughter.

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A nice tea set. Everyone likes tea.

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I agree, in addition or in place of the tea set and electric kettle is great. Not only does it boil water faster, it also turns off automatically and is so simple to use. I have a Black & Decker. I believe this link may help.

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A nice blanket, flowers, or a picture of her family in a frame.

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Give her your time. That’s all she wants. She understands, better than most anyone, how valuable time is. Visit with her. Encourage her to tell you about the past, and any other thing she can think of. She will love you for it.

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i like the photo of the family in a frame idea, from @Dibley . if she is home most of the time, it will give her pleasure to look at, and when company comes she can show them the photo. flowers are nice but a photo in a frame is long-lasting.

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Perhaps she would like to go out for a meal… if she is active enough

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Perhaps you could offer to take her shopping. You could even give a homemade coupon book for several errands.

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Depending on her personality, you could maybe get away with getting her a stripper for her party. or thats a bit too insane, maybe something designed to increase her day to day level of comfort. foot spa or nice arm chair, maybe a better bigger TV. and if she can manage it, going out for a meal with family and friends will no doubt be much enjoyed.

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Visit her if you can:)

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Depends on the occassion.

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@12_func_multi_tool: electric water kettle are so great, for anyone!
How about taking the lady to have a gentle body massage and then to a salon to have a pedicure and manicure? Sometimes going to the salon isn’t about fancying up since some old people can’t carefully groom themselves as well as they once did. Having healthy feet and a back that doesn’t ache or sciatic nerves not pinched would make anyone feel better.

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some nice perfume

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One of those TV remotes with the BIG buttons.

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My grandmother always liked pretty body powder. Her favorite was White Shoulders. It is harder for older people to bath as often as they might like, so a pretty body powder can help them feel refreshed.

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spend time with her and ask her questions about her family, what your parent was like when they were younger, what your grandparents were like…making that connection is wonderful for both of you…once that generation is gone so is the information….

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comfy fuzzy socks and a hug

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@alkiadt57 Yes, that is exactly what I did when my uncle was dying.
I have documented everything for future generations.

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My father who is that age loves the lined journal I gave him. His descendants have often requested that he write down stories about his childhood and how he overcame obstacles to reach his life goals. He loves putting it all in writing and all of us will benefit. Finding a journal that has lines isn’t always easy, but it helps him.

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Get her a book to read. Like Nora Roberts. Older women seem to love them.

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Great suggestions…
Going with tea set, the kind that blooms – also known as flowering tea.

Thanks y’all!!!

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Ask her who in her past she would like to see again, and see if you can surprise her. The elderly love nostalgia.

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@njnyjobs Or maybe trying to find someone from the past is a big job. I don’t know.

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