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It's less than a week away! Do all you Americans have your Thanksgiving plans in place? Whatcha doin'?

Asked by canidmajor (20910points) November 17th, 2017

This year things changed pretty drastically, so we’re having a quiet little immediate family dinner, with a mish-mosh of sides and goofy foods, the parade and the Dog Show on the tube, and revels with the pup.
Because I usually, almost single-handedly, put on an event for many, this will be a nice change of pace for me.


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I have no plans yet, a very unusual situation for me. I’m not sure what’s going to happen. I may spend it alone. Whatever happens, I’ll enjoy it.

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Just me and daughter. No solid plans. We will be watching the same stuff you mentioned.

Christmas decorating will begin. I will bake something. I can’t have T giving without baking smells in the house.
We will probably start a movie marathon when football comes on. Sometimes I theme them by star, sometimes by storyline.

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Going on Sunday to stay in the DC area and have Thanksgiving with cousins. Will see a jelly as well.

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I have done exactly nothing. Which is weird for me.

I guess I have to do some grocery shopping this weekend.

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I usually have Thanksgiving at my house and make the turkey and a couple side dishes.
This year, since I’ve been sick for the last couple months, I told the family I wasn’t up to it this year.
I asked my SIL if she wanted to do it at her house. She said no, that she was too stressed out from me being sick. (Mmmkay, you visited twice in 6 weeks).
She wants to go to Bob Evans so there’s no mess. I’d rather eat a peanut butter sandwich.

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I will be house sitting, and then driving back home in the morning to spend Thanksgiving with my folks. Usually we all go to my aunt and uncle’s house with all the cousins, neices and nephews who are scattered all over the country. That event happened in September, for my uncle’s birthday instead, because it was easier for everyone to get together then. So we’re just doing a small dinner at home this year.

I had planned to bake some things and go to Trader Joe’s to get some things this week, but I came down with a bad cold on Tuesday, so I’ve been out of commision since then.

I leave to housesit on Monday, so hopefully I can get some shopping done before Thursday.

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@chyna, I am also averse to going to a restaurant that day for a lot of reasons. I appreciate that it works well for lots of people, but I feel bad for the wait staff, and really, no leftovers? I can’t abide the idea of no leftovers. Even with our funky menu this year, there will be lots of leftovers!
You should come to my house. :-D

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If you jellies would live closer…

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@chyna. Oh dear. She’s too stressed? I didn’t know that you have been ill. So sorry to hear that. I hope you have family taking care of you.

You probably would be better off ordering in and avoiding SIL. Netflix and Trader Joes : )

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Thanks @kardamom. My brother has been taking care of me and I did get to return to work this week, so I’m on the mend!

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It just occurred to me. I’m very happy with this realization.

I will volunteer at clubhouse here in Honolulu.

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What a good idea, Jake! We will be taking things to a friend in hospital the next day, with extras for anyone who might like it. Probably the floor nurses. :-)

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I bought a 23 lb turkey yesterday. Our two oldest sons live near my father who lives an hour away so they are all going to carpool and come over. This is wonderful news for my father because he had to leave before dark in previous years because his eyesight isn’t the best at night. Now he can relax and even have a drink or two and not worry about driving home. I’m really looking forward to a fun day with my dad and all three of our children under one roof.

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Big group at a friend’s house. 10 adults and one baby. All I have to do is a couple of vegetable dishes! Heavenly!

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My mom is finally moving in with my sister tomorrow. So the thanksgiving horror will be 120 miles away from me.

I’m still livid over what my mom did to my kitchen last Thanksgiving.

Last year my mom didn’t have a working oven at her house. The oven at my apartment did work. So being a kind son I said she could cook here and bring the food back to her house. There was one fucking rule. One simple fucking rule. You do not cook bacon in my house. I like bacon.. I do not like bacon grease. Or any grease for that matter. Pans used for cooking greasy things need to be isolated and treated on a per use basis.

My mother came in at 1AM while I was sleeping and no warning was given. She used every dish in my kitchen. I woke up to a nightmare in my kitchen. I was okay. I don’t mind doing dishes. Until I start to wash the dishes. Something feels off. So I dig through the trash and there is a bacon package.

She does this bacon and asparagus monstrosity. My mother, the monster, despite my one simple request, poured hot bacon grease all over a sink full of dishes.

I still feel the grease when I wash dishes a year later. I am pretty sure this was the maddest I have ever been.

I had just moved into my own place and I worked really hard to keep it clean. I would have been less angry if she took a shit in my bathtub.

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And a Happy Holidays to you, too, Ebenezer. <eye roll>

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Having dinner at home around noon, then to daughters place to eat again at 5. Hoping the eldest granddaughter will make it home from college to be there. Not sure what her plans are yet.

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@johnpowell Have you worked out the rules for her living there?

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@marinelife JP’s mother has moved in with his sister 120 miles away from him. I’m not sure I understand why he has to have any rules.

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@johnpowell @Hawaii_Jake So sorry. I misread and thought she was moving in with you! Much better, it’s your sister.

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Will be in the warm home of my son’s in-law’s. I am bringing our traditional cole slaw and some rolls (I’ll bake them) and will be with grand children and the family. So delightful.

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HERE we go!
I want to do the same thing I did last year: There is a truck stop some miles down the freeway that offers a free turkey dinner with pumpkin pie to any person with a CDL, good for CDL holder and a guest. IT WAS SO GOOD!!!

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@kritiper CDL?
Yes, I am that ignorant

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Commercial Driver’s License. Truck driver stuff.

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Thank you. I don’t feel quite the so much idiot now. :-)

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@canidmajor I never considered possible ignorance for a moment.

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I just heard about something I’m going to try to find.
Apparently Pringles has come up with Thanksgiving chips dinner in a box???!!!???
A stack tastes like turkey. A stack tastes like green bean casserole, and so on.
This sounds like something that has to be tried.

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@Patty_Melt No, no it doesn’t.

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<Sticking out tongue>

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I once cut my lip on a Pringle. I was trying to be cool and put the entire chip in my mouth.

turkey turkey gobble gobble, not off topic

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Happy Thanksgiving, @all !

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