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Anyone using Google Buzz? If so, how?

Asked by smiln32 (67points) February 15th, 2010

I have this app on my iPhone and want to know how to best utilize it.

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I have not tried it on a mobile phone yet, but I find it has nice integration with the gmail web client as “buzzes” sort of become “email threads” – it’s a nice way to communicate with friends when formal email seems unnecessary.

As for utilizing it, the first thing I would do is link the websites you use with it (twitter, flickr, etc.) and then find other friends using it.

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I’m waiting for it to connect all of my statuses (facebook, twitter, etc) together. I want it be a sort of central repository for the different ways I interact online.

Which, admittedly, is just asking for some kind of privacy train wreck.

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I used it briefly but it looked like yet another potential time suck so I disconnected it.
From what I saw it looked like Facebook for Google.

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I see it as Facebook lite for Google, too. Since I don’t have a Facebook account yet, this a way for me to get my feet wet. It is nice that it comes in via g-mail. So far I’ve have read some of my son’s Twitterings on it, and posted a NY Times article that I found fascinating but nobody I buzzed has commented on it!

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