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Do you know where I can find Genogram symols that I copy and paste into a Word document?

Asked by KhiaKarma (4328points) February 15th, 2010

This is for a new form I am using for group consultations at work.

I’ve been googling and even tried some dowloads, probably putting my computer at risk…..

I have tried to use the “shapes” on Word but am unable to do the connection for tension filled and divorced (the squiggly line with two bars across it) I am sure there were more barriers too. There has to be a simpler way. Any ideas?

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You could just create it in Paint or some other program and then paste it back into Word.

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try searching for genogram fonts – you can install the font on your computer and then “type” in genogram in word.

or you can use shapes in word, build the symbols, and then copy/paste them.

kinda tedious but that’s all i got.

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There is a very inexpensive genogram program that automatically builds entire charts including the interaction lines and all standard symbols (for homosexuality, alcohol and drug abuse, etc) I’m sorry I no longer know what it is called because I no longer use it, but I’m sure you could find it using Google.

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