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Windows 7 Recovery Partition: Do I need to download any drivers and burn them before?

Asked by anon30 (334points) February 15th, 2010

Just like vista, I had to download the wireless driver and create a disc for it. And when the computer was at factory settings, I had to put in the disc I created and Install it. Do I do the same for Windows 7?

facts: HP Windows 7 Premium G61 Notebook PC

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I don’t think so – the recovery partition should contain all the drivers you need. Indeed, I didn’t have to insert my motherboard drvier CD into my desktop when I put 7 on it.

However, it’s not too big a deal to download the wireless card driver and burn it on a CD (can’t you put it on a USB stick?), so there’s no harm in doing it in the event that it might save you some hassle later.

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I would, But I can’t seem to find the right Laptop that I;m using from the HP site.

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What’s the full model number?

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the product number?

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