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Photoshop freezing up?

Asked by Knoll318 (20points) February 15th, 2010

Today I opened Photoshop CS4, and it froze when I selected my brush. I thought nothing of it, but every time I wanted to change my brush, it froze for a couple of seconds and then allowed me to change the brush. I thought it was using up too much system memory, but Task Manager said I was only using 100mb, so nothing out of the ordinary. I tried restarting, but it still happened. I haven’t installed anything recently that would impact this, so I’m trying to figure it out.

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Time to switch to GIMP. :)

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adobe sucks :[

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Gimp is far better.Maybe you should try it:)

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What operating system are you using? Certain OS’s tolerate CS4 better than others. With macs, for instance, CS4 crashes fairly regularly on OSX Leopard but absolutely flies on Snow Leopard.

If you’ve had CS4 for a while without having these problems, it may be a hard drive problem or something. Check for errors, clean your hard drive… And if that doesn’t work, call Adobe and bitch about it. :P

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Photoshop has become so large and complex a problems are often difficult to diagnose. Sometimes it’s easier to re-install the whole thing.

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