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How does one meet Mr. T?

Asked by simone54 (7592points) February 15th, 2010

I wanna meet Mr. T and I don’t know how to go about it.

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I’ll tell you how I met him.

About 27 years ago, I won a local radio station song contest and got a free trip to Jamaica for a week. About 30 people went on the trip with us and we stayed in a nice hotel in Kingston.

A tourist party was planned on one of the mountain tops at some old temple. 20 school buses brought tourists from many other hotels and we had a huge Rum Punch Bash. I got plastered drunk and was literally seeing double by the time I got my lobster dinner. Struggling to find a seat, I plundered through the crowd and saw an opening. Sitting down I splashed my plate all over the back of this huge black man. He turned around and yelled “What’s Up Suckah!”. It was Mr. T! And I was seeing two of him!

“Whatcha thinkin’ Foo”! was all I heard before he picked me up and carried me outside and dumped me in the grass. The last I saw was him walking away trying not to curse. He didn’t curse, and I didn’t go back inside the temple. I was trashed, and thought it best to get back on my hotel bus and sleep it off until the party was over.

The bus was locked, and for some stupid teenage reason, I thought I’d crawl under the rear axle and fall asleep. Surely I would hear the bus start up and catch a ride back. We were an hour away from our beach hotel and up on a mountaintop.

I woke up staring at the stars, the temple empty and dark, all the buses were gone with every tourist. I can’t believe I didn’t get squashed by the buses leaving. I should have died on that mountain.

Luckily the moon was full and I found my way to a road in the darkness. Only way to go was down. About fifteen minutes passed and a carload of stoned Jamaicans picked me up and drove me back to my hotel in Kingston. I never drank Rum Punch or saw Mr. T ever again.

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I’m glad you didn’t ask how to meet David Lee Roth.

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what does the T. stand for?

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Well, if the Snickers adverts on TV are to be believed, all you need to do is act like abit of a wimp infront of a few ladies.

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In an S.U.V? Alphabetically speaking.

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Stand in his driveway in Lake Forest Il with a chainsaw…rev it real loud and you will meet him guaranteed!

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I would advise against it, his propensity for creating” dead meat” is legendary.

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I shit you not. My father was once Mr. T’s body guard.

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Why would Mr. T need a bodyguard? :)

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He also body-guarded several professional icon football players, as well as a boxer at one point in his life. I have no idea, perhaps because not all crazy people try to come at you with fists. You should hear the stories that go with his scars. Pretty awesome stuff.

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Thanks Mr. Literal.

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