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Why does my LCD have vertical lines?

Asked by asawilliams (368points) February 16th, 2010

I have a Dell 24 LCD and a couple months ago a red vertical line showed up on the right side. It would go away after the monitor was on for a while, but as the weeks passed more lines started to show up and they would go away when the monitor was “warmed up”. Has anyone else heard of this happening?

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I’ve got 6 of those on my laptop. Think of your display as a piece of graph paper. There are electrical contacts at the ends of each grid line. Actually, there are 3 apiece, one for red, blue, and green each. If one of the contacts goes bad, you get a line.

Laptop is a Dell, too, about 5 years old. Got a new screen for it last year, and the problem showed up about 6 months ago. Piece of crap. I can get a new screen fo about $150 if I install it myself. Probably not worth it.

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Like dead pixels, dead (or in your case, stuck) columns of pixels is a fairly common problem with LCD monitors. Aside from unreliable temporary fixes there might not be anything you can do aside checking if the monitor is still under warranty.

I have not heard of them going away after a monitor warms up though, that sounds strange. Before doing anything drastic I suppose I would diagnose the monitor by auto-adjusting or resetting its internal settings, and trying it out on a different computer if possible (as it could also be the fault of a video card or driver).

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