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Should I always log out?

Asked by valdasta (2146points) February 16th, 2010

When logged into any site [Fluther, Facebook, Web banking], how important is it to “log out”? What if I disconnect from the internet? Am I still at risk (if there is any) if I am not logged out?

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I never log out if I am using my own computer. In most cases your log on is verified by the use of a cookie stored on your computer, so as along as no one else has access to your computer, you are fine. If using a public computer you should log off, or if for some reason you fear the theft of your computer and it is not password protected.

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I’d always log out of my bank. Apart from that, if its my computer, I never log out.

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I always log out when not needing to be online…why risk exposing your computer to the “traffic” of spam, malware or worse.

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I only log out of financial sites, like my credit accounts and bank. Other than that I don’t bother. It’s a time saver and as long as nobody uses my computer I’m fine.

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I do log out of financial sites, as others have mentioned, but any decent financial sites should use cookies that expire when you close your browser and also after a short time of inactivity, so even if you forget, you are generally safe.

For the record, I don’t get any spam. I have never had any virus, spyware, malware, or trojan horse on any computer I owned except once when I used a program written by a hacker on whom some other hackers had played a practical joke by inserting a virus in his program. That was in the nineties. I honestly don’t know where people get all these problems unless they are signing up for offers and giving out their email, or downloading questionable files, or have their email addresses posted somewhere publicly.

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I always log out for securtiy reasons. overnight, i log out and shut my computer down all the way. this saves about 5–10 dollars a month on electricy useage. i do this this with my present computer. i did not do this with my other computer and The Trojan took it over and shut down my pc. i had over 800 viruses. for security sake, why not log off when finished? its not that difficult and it could be advantageous for you.

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We have had more than one Fluther user who had their account used without permission because they forgot to log out. If anyone else has access to the computer you use it is a good idea to log off.

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I’m with the majority here. I never log out of fluther or FB here at home. My banking account, I do, because I’m not in there much. Now when I’m at work, obviously I log out of everything. But here at home, I see no need to. I’m the only one who gets in here.

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our computers are on all the time. I never log out of anything. Our old pc got conficker virus
but it hasn’t been a problem in a long time

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I’m a lumberjack & i’m okay.

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I work all night and I sleep all day.

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I dress in women’s clothing & hang around in ba…..hang on i’m revealing a little too much about myself here.

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I am a banana.

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Thanks everyone!

Time to log out of this question…now that we are singing the lumberjack song.

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