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Who should star in The Hunger Games movie?

Asked by Supacase (14543points) February 16th, 2010

I know this is considered teen fiction, so most of you may not have read it, but my friends all love it. (We are in our 30s! lol) I hear they are making a movie of it and I find myself wondering who would play each character. (If you already know, don’t tell me! I want to be able to imagine for a while longer.)

The character of Katniss needs someone who can be impulsive, angry, thoughtful, streetwise yet naive. Peeta needs to be selfless, strong and likable. Honestly, it is hard not to like him even if you are rooting for Gale!

I will be so disappointed if they just cast the teens of the moment. Are there any up and coming actors that aren’t mainstream or maybe some surprising major talents you think could totally pull it off?

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I haven’t read this, but I’ve heard good things from my aunt who is really into Harry Potter :)

So I’m just going to add that if there is any role for Abigail Breslin I would love to see her kick some ass. Though, I’m guessing they’ll give the spots to a bunch of models that could much more easily pass for 21 than 13 (like Twilight).

BTW if you’re not too grossed out by blood and guts and such, please see Battle Royale as it is a mind blowing film with a similar concept.

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I really love Gale! and so someone really good should play him….like an actor who isn’t really famous! Anyone who plays in the hunger games is sure to become really famous…like what happened to must the Twilight cast.

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There are fresh faces which can portrait the roles. The first name comes into mind is Abigail Breslin (starred in zombieland),Emma Roberts (wild child star).

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Now that the cast is listed on IMDB, do you like the choices?

I was JUST turned on to these books yesterday. Finished this morning, lol, couldn’t stop reading!

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Without seeing who they got, I wish it was Dakota Fanning. She has the right intensity for the part.
(I just realized she starred in Man on Fire, and how cute would it be for her to be the Girl On Fire?)

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okay, I see who they got, and I am depressed.

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