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How do i fix my hacked wordpress blog?

Asked by grntwlkr (179points) April 21st, 2010

My wordpress blog was hacked, when i try to log into wp-admin i get a parse error. I found my wp-login.php using ftp, and it looks like half the code is missing. I am guessing the attacker deleted this to prevent me from logging back in. I tried reinstalling that file with a clean one from a new wordpress download, but now when i try to log in the password field is missing. Any ideas how to clean this mess up.

ps i also found what looks like malicious javascript in header.php


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The best thing to do would be to simply reinstall all of Wordpress. Back up your upload directory, because it contains all your images/videos etc. and delete and reinstall. Use the same database as you did before, and all your posts will be there.

It probably also goes without saying that you should find out how the attacker broke into your site and stop that from happening again.

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