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I am going to put my "advert" up on a dating site any ideas?

Asked by Just_Justine (6486points) February 16th, 2010

I have decided to make some changes in my life! Long story, but one of them is to “get out there”. I am going to put myself up on a dating site. The thing is; in the past, I would place a lot of photo’s and get hundreds of replies. But not from the types I wanted to draw in really. This time, no photograph, so I need some tips on writing an “about me” and “what I am looking for.”. I am a professional person who would like to draw in other professionals. When ever I think of what I am like I go blank! So any guidelines appreciated. Thank you.

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Come up with something eye-catching, humor is good, but most importantly something that really emphasizes your personality. Maybe a personal story about your professional life that has a humorous tone to it? Or funny examples of what your are and aren’t looking for? I dunno, but humor always got my attention when I used to do the dating site thing. If humor isn’t your thing, I would focus more on your personal goals, interests, etc…. Showing that you have a life outside of trying to get a date is attractive as well.

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@KhiaKarma thank you great tips!

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Good luck to you on that one. Make sure and come back and tell us the stories.

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I would not focus to much on the professional part, a quick mention but dont dwell there. I would however spell out how you differ from others, what makes you special. How you like to spend your downtime and your interests are more telling of a person than a resume. I would still post a pic, shouldn’t be a bikini shot, but a nice face picture always attracts more interest than no photo. You will still get your dating site trollers but its the nature of the beast and easily sifted through.

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To fit in, conform to their standards, make sure your personal photographs are from 10–20 years old, Subtract at least 5, perhaps 10 or 15 years from your age, 25 to 200 pounds from your actual weight, and then, make sure to state: “HONESTY is a must if you wish to contact me.”

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Just use one photo. Medium shot. Nothing fancy, just a regular you picture.

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I agree with no photo.

I used to do this ages ago, and I was never very successful with my ads. I think I did the standard short description of self and what I was looking for. What I was looking for was different, I think, or maybe the places I put the ads were just wrong, but my ads weren’t sucessful

Anyway, I was thinking about how I might do it these days, and I thought I’d do something totally off the wall, like maybe just writing a short one paragraph (two max) story about some event in my life, and then adding a tag line like:

“there’s more if you like to get to know someone first.”

Even with that, from what I understand, you’ll get a bunch of guys who have no clue what you’re on about. It should be easy to rule them out. Whether you’ll get any interesting ones, I don’t know.

In my case, if I were to need to do such a thing, getting five replies from women would be a miracle. I don’t think I come across very well on first impressions. Or second impressions. Perhaps I’m an acquired taste. Not that it matters. I’m glad I’m not in your position. I’m sure you’ll do fine, but that kind of thing always made me feel pretty low.

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I agree with the notion to not use a photo. If you don’t, you will get moved to the back of the line. Individuals with photos always get first consideration.

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i think you should put up just one photo. people want to see and anybody that answers will probably ask anyway.

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@ChazMaz actually my friend gave me this idea, she is gorgeous and has met some really wonderful men. Highly educated and Professionals. So I am making the effort I think from what I’ve seen it may be worth it.Also she put up no photo. In the past I got sex crazed maniacs of barely legal age. No they weren’t rude photo’s loll.

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@wundayatta I think I’d feel more low trolling bars and hoping some glassy eyed twerp staggers over, or perhaps standing in a meat market at a club. Although someone low may be some ones high ;) The problem is I work all day and sit on Fluther at night!! anyway I’m learning surfing this summer so that may help!

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Personal ads with no pictures are often ignored. Use one that downplays your glamour and scintillating sexuality.
Focus on honesty and talk about what gives you joy in your life. That is most effective in attracting kindred spirits. Do not fail to reflect your sense of humour.

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