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Do you experience anger or even rage, on a daily basis?

Asked by mammal (9431points) February 16th, 2010

would that be caused by something you are dwelling on from your past history, or just the frustrations one encounters whilst navigating through daily life, by the injustices of the world, or something else…

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Not really. I don’t get angry very often. I don’t like being angry. Sure, something might be annoy me a little every now and then, but I don’t experience anger that often and I like it that way. I can’t even remember the last time I felt rage and it was probably due to something on the internet…

The internet has a propensity to make me angry sometimes it seems. Real life really doesn’t. Unless I lose something. You do not want to see me when I can’t find something. It pisses me off to the greatest extent. :)

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@DominicX cool… some misguided people seem to think Anger is a stimulating positive experience. Do you ever get depressed?

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No. I generally have a pretty long fuse, though some days, not many though, things can pile up one on another to the point where the final straw may be the most minor of things but off I go. Usually on those kind of days I try to steer clear of people as best I can, because I’m not always able to control myself and don’t want to go off on some innocent bystander just because they happen to be there when the final straw drop. And like I said, I generally have a very long fuse… I’m pretty even tempered and it takes quite a lot to set me off.

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Nope. Can’t say I do.

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What DominicX said.

It is pretty hard to make me mad. I just tell people to fuck off and walk away. The last time I was mad enough to physically do something was when my mom decided that she didn’t want a surgery that was going to save her life. She would have been dead in six months. I was throwing lawn chairs at cars and trying to pull the mailbox out of the ground. I was livid.

But she did get the operation and is doing well.

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I don’t know about every day, but I defiantly have an anger problem. I do think it is from something traumatic in my past.

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No, not by a long shot. I would say about once every other month or so, maybe. I don’t like it, and avoid it as much as possible.

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No,that’s a very good way to shorten your life span. Don’t sweat the petty shit. Injustice is a very big deal for me but it’s everywhere. If I didn’t use the serenity prayer as a blueprint for living I’d be one angry sob.

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I probably have little bouts of frustration on a daily basis, at work, while driving etc but they don’t last very long and it takes a lot for them to turn into anger or rage.

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What I’ve learned is that, yes, exactly, anger is usually something about the past; either you were thwarted at something, didn’t get something you deeply wanted or that something happened to you that you couldn’t control or defend yourself from when necessary. And a lot of times, when people get insanely angry about something, usually what they’re upset about in the current situation has been triggered by some old non-processed feelings about a past situation.

The trick is to find a way to live in the present moment. What happened 20 years ago, or even a second ago, is not happening now, and one can control one’s reaction to whatever circumstances and situation. Acceptance is usually the first step.

The same thing with anger. I had a lot of anger simmering inside over things that I couldn’t control from 20+ years ago. In order for it to dissipate, I first had to accept that, yes, I was angry, very angry, and I needed to give myself the space to express it that I was not given all those years ago (to do so then most likely would have been my death, and no mistake), even if deep down I was afraid that the emotions would consume me like a fire. They didn’t.

Then I had to accept certain things actually happened and yes, I was unable to prevent them from happening at the time, and that no, what happened wasn’t my fault; that I did the best I could then given the circumstances. Acceptance. And then I was able to move on from there. I needed help to do this, and I encourage you to get help if you find that you can’t deal with your rage. Such things usually come from a very old place inside.

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Frustration sometimes. Anger, no.

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No, I gave that up many years ago. It’s very unhealthy.

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I don’t believe anger is either useful nor healthy nor effective at much of anything. So, no.

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I haven’t experienced rage in years. Decades even. At best I get moderately annoyed but I wouldn;t even describe it as anger. I’m a pretty laid-back fellow.

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I was angry a lot during my first marriage but I also learned several good things and matured quite a bit despite it being such a difficult and sometimes regrettable part of my life.

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I do get angry but only when people are rude, ignorant and just plain stupid. It is usually very short lived as life is too short to fret over things out of your control.

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Daily anger and rage???
I choose to be happy ;)

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Only when I play Spades on Yahoo with morons for partners.

And then, yeah, on a near-hourly basis when I’m at home. There are so many morons on Yahoo, and they all seem to want to be my partner.

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