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The Secret

Asked by ironhiway (1373points) March 4th, 2008

Is anyone here following The Laws of Attraction?
I borrowed the DVD from my sister along with a video on Quantum psychology.
I remember several of the ideas from when I was learning about positive thinking, setting goals, affirmations, etc. It reminded me that focusing on getting by was self defeating. I needed to set my sights higher and focus on where I wanted to be. Since then I’ve changed Jobs, same field better atmosphere. I’ve made some other adjustments as well.
Curious about other members stories of applying, The Laws of Attraction, The Secret.

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The Chaser did a review of The Secret… unfortunately they didn’t seem to think much of it :P (Watch the clip, it’s quite funny)

I’ve never actually seen The Secret myself, so I can’t personally comment on it, though

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Long before I watched The Secret, I made a decision that I was going to accept gifts from people (mainly compliments) instead of minimizing them or brushing them off because I realized I was cutting short the pleasure of their giving. A few years later, I received some pretty substantial gifts, and I do thing the two are related.

Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill far predates The Secret, but talks about the same principals.

Also, I think it’s even easier to see negative examples. Do you know someone who has constant drama and tragedy in their life? I’ve met people like that, and I don’t think their chronic misery is accidental.

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LOL@jonno The video was pretty humorous! I have the Secret in my netflix queue. I think one’s life can be improved by thinking in a more positve light, but I am not sure I will buy in to thinking in the secret. I’ll have to watch it first, then I can let you know.

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Generally speaking, I do believe thinking positively is a good idea and can lead to benefits.

I take great exception to the “Idea of Attraction” – not a law since it can’t be proven or enforced. The notion that everything that happens us a direct result of one’s thoughts is nothing more than a blame-the-victim bias; a life philosophy in the guise of an Amazon wish list.

Do the victims of rape “attract” and therefore “deserve” what happens to them?

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All in all the karmic side of The Secret ie. Good attracts good generally tends to work and be hugely beneficial to a happier life. As far as the more materialistic ” creed of greed” side of the secret, I have my doubts. Isn’t health and happiness true wealth after all.

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Actually the other video was What the bleep do we know?
It was Quantum Physics, not psychology.
I actually think this had more of an impact on me than “The Secret”.
It also made “The Secret” seem less silly.

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