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Have you ever used a personal shopper? If so, what was your experience?

Asked by tedibear (18035points) February 17th, 2010

I hate shopping for clothes with a passion. I’m thinking of using a personal shopping service at a department store.

If you have used one, were you satisfied with the help you received? What was the cost? Did you believe that the shopper chose things that were right for you or was it about his/her commission? (I assume they get commission.) I have a terrible time picking out things for myself and could use some help!

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One of my sister-in-laws was one.She is a pain in the ass.Aside from that,she has good taste and always looks good :))

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The shopping store will usually provide them free of charge as long as you are purchasing their clothes. Of course they only provide them at high end stores like Neiman and Nordstrom, but some of the larger Macy’s may also have them.

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How in the world can one person choose clothing that another person would like? especially, women? this would never work with my wife and i. there is no way that one person could ever buy clothes, perfume, after shave lotion or any other related article. can’t you see a ballooned personal shopper in the ladies size 8 blue jeans department? how could one person possible know what another person likes? writing an order will not work. this is not a grocery store. i say nix to a personal shopper. just a waste of money.

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@john65pennington – This is not just placing an order. You go to the store, meet with the personal shopper and they help you to find clothes that are appropriate for your size, lifestyle, etc. They ask questions to find out what you might like, but also help those of us with no fashion sense.

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@john65pennington; personal shoppers are great. They keep track of things you like and get a sense for your personal style. They call you when something comes in that they think you’ll love and if you live in a town far away they will mail stuff to you.
My favorite make-up is not carried in any local stores. It’s the personal shoppers who remember my colors and mail it to me when I call.
For clothes, my husband could be a personal shopper. Once I get into the dressing room he keeps bringing me great still and I never have to look at the rack again.
That’s what they do. They get to know you and save you the confusion of trying to find what you’re looking for.

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I havent had a personal shopper before but i have a degree in fashion merchandising. I strong knowledge of fabric and silhouette, and im great at sizing people up. Plus, i’ve worked in retail for ever! Ive been asked on a number of occasions for my “opinion/advice” similar to a personal shopper. To make an informed decision. For informational purposes, most department stores who have a personal shopping as a service has there people working off commision. For example, Nordstroms etc.. They may know the products very well in the store they work in but may fall short on other recommendations. You would want to base the person’s knowledge of what they know on length of experience in the various clothing industries /dept’s they’ve worked in. (the more they know about different sizes, areas, etc.. the more they will be able to accommadate you. ), and education. If you don’t feel comfortable with a personal shopper and their intentions, then find someone you admire their style and ask them. or contact Local Fashion schools for help from the faculty. Or I can help you through email. But.. you also need to do some homework on your part too! A good personal shopper will help you accommadate your needs, style, and budget! Not theirs’!!! You will need to do an inventory of your current wardrobe on what you have, what its mostly made out of , your color scheme in your wardrobe, lifestyle,budget, and your short term/long term needs. By knowing this you will be informed on what your buying needs will be and avoid overbuying etc.. It also helps the personal shopper with selection in regards to fabric, cut, care, etc…. If you don’t know the answer , how are we?lol It would be a long night for the both of you! lol. good luck

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