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When people type "argh." What do you think?

Asked by CaseyWVU10 (550points) February 17th, 2010

Whenever one one of my friends types “argh” in a message as a sign of disgust or exhaustion. I, without skipping a beat, picture them dressed in a full on pirate costume. “argh,” to me, sounds like the sound a pirate makes, and when I read it, I say it like a pirate. Weird, I know, but true.

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When someone says “argh”, I assume it’s frustration or anger.

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I feel the same way. I think “Ugh” is a better way to express disgust or exhaustion.

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Argh. Ugh. gegfehesfg. FUCK. grr.
Or any combination of those = anger/frustration in my language.

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… but ninjas are still cooler

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Argh makes me think of zombies because of the “grr, argh” zombie at the end of Buffy.

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It makes me think they are frustrated or mad. Never had the pirate visual before, but probably will now. Thanks! :)

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Pirates are more like YARRRRRR, as @davidbetterman mentions.

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Yeah, what others said, “argh” is for frustration, “ugh” is for disgust. The amount of r’s I include in “argh” is directly proportional to how frustrated I am. :)

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Well… I thing that they’re either pirates or wimps. Not being a pirate, I would never type anything in the “arg” category until and unless I had reached such a degree of frustration, obstruction, misfortune and defeat that my mental state could only be expressed by nothing less than an “Aaaaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!!!!!” Yes, a mere “arg” is for wimps and pirates only, in my humble opinion.

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I think of frustration.
To me it also sounds like a pirate sneezing.

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I think of them being skillfully humiliated by me in some really cool way. Like punching a guy so hard all of his clothes fly off in front of every single woman he is attracted to. Or using complex grammar to confuse a girl into saying something embarrassing in front of her crush.

yup, that’s it…

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I think they really meant to say

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I think of onomatopoeia.

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When they are angry I think

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Talk like a Pirate day—- September 19th.

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domo kun

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Are they from Argentina? It’s written on their cars isn’t it?

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I always thought that what pirates say is “Aarrrr!!!” not “Argh!” Unless, of course, one is on the receiving end of a cutlass during battle.

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I think they died while writing it.

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@mrentropy Maybe he was dictating!

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@Trillian You mean like this?

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I think of Charlie Brown trying to kick the football. (yet in those he actually says Aaugh)

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In most cases it’s simply a typo…as when you are so pissed and seeing red typing is a difficult task and wanting to type *EAT S#!% AND DIE with your hands shaking you often end up with ARGH!!

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I think of pirates too,but then they are always on my mind ;)

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@lucillelucillelucille Oooh arr Capt.Presley ere Ugh huh thankyou very much.

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I think they should enlarge their vocabulary

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@tragiclikebowie I don’t remember the title of the episode, but it was the one that was entirely in song. At the end, the “Err…Argh” zombie sang it instead of said it. It was very cool.

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@Dr_Dredd Once more…with feeling!

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